"The Screaming Silence Of The Wind" By Maurice Orr

I was at my quilting course yesterday when the lady who teaches it said that there was an exhibition for the visually impaired happening at
The Braid Arts Centre
In ballymena. It is landscapes from Iceland and Northern Ireland. It is a guy called
Maurice Orr
From Ballymoney.

I had never heard of this exhibition before, so we decided to check it out today.

At about half 10, the woman came to collect me and Ushi. I wasn’t sure about bringing Ushi as i thought they might be funny about her being there, but they didn’t care at all.

There was an audio CD and a braille copy of what all the pieces were. Here is an introduction to the exhibition.
Next is a
Summary Of Still Images
That were apparently on the wall as a power point presentation. Here are
The descriptions
For these images. Next was a recriation of
Maurices Studio
The fish leathers were hangin up so you could feel what they were like. They were made from Wool fish which have smooth skin, and Codd which is scaley. I was surprised at how tough they were. I didn’t know you could get leather off a fish, or even feel fish skin.

Next were some paintings
That he had experimented with
Some of it didn’t feel like much, but the likes of the see you could feel which felt very choppy. Some of the fish leathers were soft and smooth and some were rough and hard.

Next was a
Big cave near the Giants’ Causeway
In Northern Ireland. This was quite cool as it was like a hole in the page. The whole in the middle of the page was to represent the cave with the walls all around it.

Next was
A painting
From Iceland. I liked the way the mountains felt in this picture.

Next was a
With a really hard name to pronounce lol. I couldn’t really feel much in this painting.

Next was
A painting of the Giants’ Causeway
In Northern Ireland. This was quite a tactile painting.

Finally it’s a
Painting of a head land
In Northern Ireland. It has a really wild sea and is again very tactile.

It was a good exhibition, and most of the things i could feel some detail in. The exhibition runs from the 9th of September to the 29th of October. My only worry is that alot of people won’t know about it. There wasn’t anyone else when we were there.

Ushi found it a bit boring and just lay down lol. She wasn’t a fan of having to keep getting up though.

Please spread the word if you live locally. It’s not often we get to feel paintings!