People Skills Don’t Cost

Today i had my eye appointment. I hadn’t had one in a couple years.

It was my regular eye doctor today. I think he is the head consultant.

When we were called in, he was actually quite pleasant. My experience of him is quite blunt. He got me to sit down while he looked at my eyes. He then went out of the room to get something to check the pressure. I thought i heard him saying to someone in the waiting room “close your eyes” but don’t know if i did. I thought “god is he examining another patient?”. But i don’t know if he was.

Normally if i am getting my pressure in my eyes checked, i get drops in to dilate my pupils. Today he just used a machine that beeped but didn’t seem to touch my eye. I thought this was good as i hate getting drops in!

He then said “i have a medical student with me. Would you mind if she had a look?”. I said that was fine so he turned off the light, handed her something and goes “look at the (sounded like red reflections)”. She spent quite a long time looking and finally said “they are absent”. I think it was to see if my eyes reacted to light or not! I found this quite shocking because i thought he would have given a history to the student. She sounded totally shocked! Dad said later that she was just sitting reading a text book in the corner while he worked. I thought this was very ignorant.

About a month ago my left eye was very red and bloodshot looking. I wasn’t in any pain just itchy every now and then. I was going to call into our local optitions but the redness went away! So i thought nothing more of it, but the doctor noticed it today and said that sometimes bleeding can occur. He said my right eye was healthy but my left was rather bloodshot. So i don’t really know what this means but he is going to write to my GP to recommend drops if it gets red again. He then said “we’ll see you in two years unless the drops don’t work”. He didn’t even say that the drops would go to my GP but we figured that would be what would happen since he just gave us the appointment card!

He is a great doctor but has no people skills at all.

So i think if my eye does go red again i will go to our optition first. I’m not counting on him sending drops up to our GP! So i’m hoping it isn’t too serious. I have no vision at all so don’t think it is that bad.

Let’s hope i don’t have to bother with my doctor until my next appointment!