Eye Matter Conference

You’ll remember,
Before Christmas
I asked for help with a presentation for the Eye Matter group? Well today was the conference that i needed it for.

Well the conference started at about 10 o’clock. While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, we had Tea and coffee to pass the time. What a great start to a conference!!!!!! Anyway we got a chance to catch up with everyone, and to talk to a few people we hadn’t saw in ages.

At about half 10, we went in to the main conference room.

First, there was a presentation by the chair person of Eye matter, and introductions.

Next, a politician got up to speak, and tell us why he supported the project.

After that, the manager of the RNIB got up to talk and thank the lottary for funding the project for three years already.

Next, a woman got up who was from the
Big Lottary Fund
She said that 28 P goes to good causes, so that is how Eye matter was funded. We were only meant to last for the 3 years and finish in June, but we are starting another year thanks to the Big Lottary in July 2010, so that should be good.

Anyway, after this, it was my turn to speak. I was really nervous and thought that everyone was sighing at me. I think it was just me though, as whenever i made a mistake in the braille when i was reading, i kind of sighed. Everyone told me later though that they liked it.

By the way, i had to present on my experiences of Eye matter.

After that, there was a couple more presentations, then a Tea break. I was quite shocked at the crowd outside at the Tea break, and couldn’t believe that all those people were probably in our conference!!!!!

During the break, people were able to explore some stands that the RNIB has set up showcasing different services that they offer, such as the resource centre, employment, transcription, and ICT.

At about half 11, the break was over. Two eye matter members got up to speak on the campaignes aspect of the project, and what each campaigne involved.

Tying in with that, there was a 5 minute DVD shown highlighting past campaignes, particularly the Education campaigne, which was to look at how well our colleges were equipped to deal with visual impairment, and whether they provided the right equipment and such.

Next, a woman presented on the Children And Youth service, and what they did.

At about 12 o’clock, we got presented with certificates from the courses we took part in during the project.

After this was a Question and answer session, and a closing speech. I thought the Questions and answers was never going to start!!!!!!!!! It got very interesting at one point when one of the members was having a conversation with one of us on the pannel lol. He was talking about transport, and i thought he was never going to stop.

We just got a quick photograph after that, and then off to lunch!!!!!!

Lunch was a lovely chicken and leak thingie with rice and boiled potatoes. I had profitter rols after that.

There is a local audio magazine here called
Sound Vision Ulster
Which is produced by the RNIB. It keeps up with the work of the organisation and such. I and a couple of other people were asked if we would like to do an interview for it. We just talked about Eye matter and what we hoped would happen in the futur etc. It was good.

I thought the day was brilliant. It flew by!!!! Hard to believe that we had been planning it for so long. I would just like to say thanks to all the guys who organised it behind the sceens. It was awsum!!!!

I’m on the January/February eddition of the magazine by the way.