Presentation Help

I still haven’t got the audio uploaded that i promised in
My last entry
Mainly because i don’t know how to do it lol. Any ideas?

That’s not the main topic of this post lol.

As you know, i am heavily involved in
Eye matter
Group. We are having a conference in February, and i have been asked to do a 5 minute presentation for it on my experiences of being visually impaired, and what i have got from eye matter and that, and how i got into it.

Thing is, i’m not sure how to start it. How would you start a presentation for a conference? There are going to be alot of very important people there, like the people we got funding from for the project and MPS and stuff.

So any tips for doing this kind of presentation? I need to have my first draft of it done for January, as that is when the next meeting is.

Thanks so much for your help.

I Know What I was So Worried About!

I had to do the
For the
Eye Matter
Magazine. I honestly don’t know what i was worried about!!!!

We got there at about 10 o’clock, and then once everyone had arrived we went over to the recording studio.

I was second last to go. I was quite shocked at how short the article was in braille!!!! It was only about 4 pages long!!! I volunteered to read another persons’ article, as they couldn’t make it today.

I just acted as if i was just reading. I made a few mistakes, but i hope they can be eddited out.

We finished at about half past 11, where we just chatted and then went for lunch.

After lunch we just kicked about on the internet for a while in the internet caffe.

It was during today that i got the sad news that
Eye Matter
will run out of funding in June 20010. It was only designed for a 3 year project, but it was still quite a shock. They are talking about how we would form our own counscil though afterwords. I will still miss the craic of Laura and all the gang though!!!! I’m just gonna enjoy all the events that are coming up with the Eye matter.

By the way, i also got to see The Pen Friend today. I can’t really be bothered looking for the link though lol.

Also, i might see if i can get the CD too, of the magazine, just cause i wanna hear myself, and plus it’ll mean i can put it up here maybe.

Eye Matter Has A New Home!

you’ll remember in previous entries about how i’ve mentioned about the
Eye Matter group?
Well i got an email the other day and decided to look at the contact details at the bottom of the email and i discovered that Eye Matter
Has a New Home!
Not that it’ll matter when you see the links, but i just thought i’d post about this.

Off to bed now. I should really be careful and read over what i type before i post a link, and discover that i had already said Eye matter!!!!

Eye Matter Activity Day!

A couple of weeks ago
I was telling you about an activity day that was planned as part of
The Eye Matter Group?
Well on Thursday we went to the
Belfast Activity centre
For our day out.

We met there at about 10 o’clock, where we met our instructors, and got prepared for the first activity, which was Caving. This involved going through an artificial cave, which was based on a real cave. This was really enjoyable, and great fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In there, i also got to feel a
Stalac Tite!!
Although it was fake. A real one had started to form where there was a waterfall, which unfortunately, I couldn’t touch, since it was just forming. They felt awsum!!!!!!!

After the caving, we had lunch.

Next, we were climbing.

We started with a course called the “Vertical Challenge”, which consists of a structure that swings continuesly back and forth. We were strapped into harnesses though!!!!!! There was a log that you had to get on to first, by swinging both legs up, so you were practically sitting on it, then there was a pole with pegs on it, which were for your feet.

After climbing up this, you had to climb up a Cargo net made of ropes.

Next, was another log, two tyres which spun, and another log at the top.

I only managed to get to the top of the Cargo net, as it seemed way too complicated to climb that log where the tyres were. It was still good though!!!!!

Finally it was a thing called the “Leap Of Faith”, which involved first of all climbing a ladder, then climbing a pole with blocks on it, rotating yourself round each way, and the getting on to this board and jumping off, and catching a trepese. I was just about to get on to the board, so i sat down in the harness, and wrapped my legs around the pole, to get on, when i randomly started swinging down!!!! It was a bit disappointing though. Maybe next time i can get to the top.

It was a great day!!!!!!!!! The best part had to be the Caving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Day Out!

While at the
Cedar Foundation
Today, I got a call from
The Eye matter Group
I talked about in
This Post
This time though, it’s not about computers. It’s an activity day.

It will start from about 9 o’clockish. We will do climbing, then after lunch, we’ll do Caving. It all sounds so exciting!!!!!

The goodish thing also is…..I get a chance to take a fully independent bus journey!!!!! I’m going to get my dad to get me on the right bus, which I think is reasonable, then the rest is up to me!!!!!!! God!!!! I’m kind of shitting it, but at the same time i want to be more independent. I’ll have to find out what the times are and that, then i’ll go!!!! At least one of the staff is going to meet me off the bus, so that’ll be good. *i haven’t started going to Eye matter independentlyyet*

I’ll let you know more info when i get it!!! It’s on the 11th June.