Got It Sorted!

The Problems
I was having with edditing my profile in
Well thanks to
I have got it sorted!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

If you use
The Mobile version
Of the site, you’ll be able to do it!!!!! It is much simpllar than the
Full site
Even though it’s designed for your phone, you can log in just like you would with the other site, and it works on the computer!!!! You can do nearly everything on it.

Thanks again

Off now to do some revision.

Facebook Help!

I recently got
It’s really good, I just have one problem…

When you set it up, you get a chance to write something about yourself in your profile. It’s just above the heading “Information” which displays your network and such. Does anyone know how to eddit what you write about yourself?

Please help me!!!!!! I’ve had it now for like a week, and I still haven’t got any luck!!!!

If you need any more info, let me know.