Far And Wild

Yesterday I went to Crawfordsburn country park with Angel Eyes for something called
Far and wild
Which is an outdoor company who try to teach kids about nature and stuff. They do things for different groups, but recently they have branched out in to the disability sector.

It was a horrible day when I left Ballymena. So horrible, in fact, that after our parkrun, Ushi had decided to stay at home when i went to head out again. She just stretched out on her bed as if to say “I’m not going anywhere”, so I had my cane for company. Right enough, she did get totally drenched on our parkrun.

When we got to Bangor station, there was a festival on. They had live music and people walking on stilts, as well as a steam train. We headed off to crawfords burn from there. There were at least two or three families there which we were quite surprised about given the weather. We were introduced to the instructors who i can’t remember their names, but they were going to be helping us for the afternoon.

We first of all had a very wet walk to a thing called the Night line. This is where you are blind folded and you have a rope which you have to follow. I did a more complicated one of this where you had to go through cargo nets and stuff a few years ago but this was just a simpler version to get us talking to each other.

We then had to walk along the rivers edge until we got to our next chalenge. Normally the little river that flows through crawfordsburn is tiney but yesterday it was really flowing rather quickly. We had to pick up different plants along the way and see if we could identify them through sight, smell or touch.

The instructors had put up a markee for the next part so that was good. We were making a bread called Banuck bread. I think that’s the right spelling anyway. It’s really simple to make. All you need is flour, water and margarine. We all got turns mixing it, and then the water had to be added in slowly. Next, we were all given a piece of the dough which we had to roll out and wind round the end of a scure. We had to make sure all of the scure was covered so that it wouldn’t burn. We then held the scures over little bbqs which had little grills on them. The bread was really nice. The only thing that wasn’t was when a bit of bazzle was put in to the dough and it was so so strong when you bit in to it. We also had fried bananas. I found out later that the far and wild guys opperate a “leave no trace” policy which meant that apart from the markees nobody would know they had ever been there. I think it’s to protect the environment too. So all of the scures were burned on the fires after we had finished with them.

After this, we walked along to the river again and the kids got the oportunity to walk through a really muddy bit in their bare feet. They then got to wash their feet in the stream. I declined that one lol.

By this time it had dried up and was quite nice. We went down to the little beach part in crawfordsburn and the kids had to find something interesting on the beach. The sea was lovely and calm which i was quite surprised about.

We finished the day by getting in to a kisser i think it was called. This was basically what felt like an elasticated sheet which you pulled down over your bum and sat down. It is apparently used to warm people up because the more people you have in them, the warmer it gets because of people’s body heat. We sat and drank warm ribeena and discussed the afternoon. My favourite part was the bread because i had never done that before.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it and we all started heading for home after that. I would like to thank the far and wild guys for their time and i’m glad the weather didn’t spoil it.