How Did Ya Get Here?

I thought i’d try this out since I know alot of other blogs post random search queries they get from their trackers they use to see how many people visit their blogs etc. So every couple months if i get anything interesting i’ll post it in this kind of post.

This is from the 28th April this year. I’ll post a little comment after each one. Here goes!

Last 5000 Searchengine Queries Unique Visitors

28 Apr, Thu, 18:42:19 Google: “MacNeil MCN300 “Talking” Alarm Clock”. Another clock one lol.

29 Apr, Fri, 23:26:42 Google: “ligue braille and belgium police force”. That’s been three in a row!

29 Apr, Fri, 23:27:01 Google: “ligue braille and belgium police force”. Is there a league of the police force in Belgum practicing braille? Wow.

29 Apr, Fri, 23:27:44 Google: “ligue braille and belgium police force”. Lol what’s with this one?

02 May, Mon, 21:43:05 Google: “MacNeil MCN300 “Talking” Alarm Clock”. Another clock one lol.

03 May, Tue, 19:57:28 Google: “green apple talking alarm clock settings”. Another clock one.

08 May, Sun, 23:26:41 Google: “instructions MacNeil MCN300 Apple Talking Alarm Clock”. Alot of people must have baught this clock.

23 May, Mon, 06:50:18 Google: “guide dog ushi”. This is a good one. Makes more sense too.

23 May, Mon, 15:46:00 Google: “blogger gcse exams”. Lol didn’t know Blogger did exams lol.

26 May, Thu, 11:33:08 Google: “guide dogs limavady”. Another possibly for the fundraising branch up there?

26 May, Thu, 19:12:06 Google: “jollyes blog”. Didn’t know they had a blog lol. I know their website is totally inaccessible though.

28 May, Sat, 18:16:11 Google: “average blog by the average blogger”. Lol someone must have wanted to find me so just typed in what they knew the blog was called.

03 Jun, Fri, 21:34:28 Google: “average blogs”. Who would just want “average blogs?

06 Jun, Mon, 21:18:22 Google: “blogger ushi”. Lol another Ushi one.

07 Jun, Tue, 08:28:16 Google: “blog ushi”. Lol that’s different.

07 Jun, Tue, 19:04:51 Google: “online tips on overcoming negative thinking”. Good point although i’ve only written one article on this and it was taken from another blog.

09 Jun, Thu, 03:37:35 Google: “mcn-300”. Another clock one.

13 Jun, Mon, 11:51:23 Google: “MacNeil MCN300 Green Apple”. Most of the queries are about that apple clock I got at christmas time.

13 Jun, Mon, 22:27:51 Google: “volunteering in limavady”. That’s interesting. Maybe someone interested in volunteering with the Limavady fundraising branch for guide dogs?

17 Jun, Fri, 12:09:15 Google: “ blog water “. Okay? I get the bit, but what is the craic with the water?

So how do people find your blog? It’s mad some of the things people can search for!