“Anti-Bottle Registered” Folding Water bottle

The branch organiser for our branch of Guide Dogs was telling me a few days ago about the new stock that had arrived for this year. Among the things that she has ordered was a dog water bottle.

So today was our first fundraising stall. We were at our local pet shop. It all went well.

First i got shown a bottle with a bowl attached. It was like a rectangle and the bottle just sat in the bowl. The bowl seemed very small, so i opted for the water bottle instead.

The bottle is totally flat. When i opened it i was a little disappointed to be honest. It felt just like those disposeable drinks you sometimes get in shops that are in like a squidgy plastic carton. Sort of like a Caprison drink. Plus my sister said it wouldn’t hold that much. It also has a carabeena to attach it to your belt.

I decided the only way to see what it was like was to fill it up. It is about 500 Mills. That is about the standard size of bottle. It seems to have a good lid on it too which is good. If you squeeze it when the lid is off it collapses again. The lid also has a nozzle if you only want a little to come out.

Once it has flattened, you can roll it up to fit in your pocket.

So even though it seems pritty flimsy, it seems to do the job. The real test will be if it leaks though if it is in a bag when being carried. I think it is so thin because it is made of recycled material.

So i guess don’t judge a book by its cover comes to mind.

We were selling the bottle for £2.20 but
This website
Sells it for £9.99! I’m glad i didn’t pay that!

I’ll have to take it with me a couple of times just to see what it is like. Here’s hoping it does its job!