Food Troubles And Frustrations

Remember in a previous post, I wrote about how hesitant Ushi was to eat her food a couple of weeks ago? Well it’s only now getting better.

I asked on Twitter what to do after a week of frustrations. I was told to take it away after a few minutes, and leaving it til her next meal. I wanted to try for a bit longer though, and started taking the bowl away, then setting it down again. Still nothing. I even tried giving it to her dry, but again nothing. I knew something had to change though when on Sunday she took 20 minutes to eat. This just wasn’t acceptable. I had a little chat to her explaining that I didn’t like this. I didn’t correct her, just sort of explained that it had to stop.

Monday was more hesitating, then on Tuesday I set the food down, went out of the room for a second, then went back in, and she was eating! Wahoo!

Since Tuesday she has eaten straight away which is fabulous. I have just kept it dry with water beside her. I’m not too sure if I should add the water again since she can have it wet or dry. What do you reckon? Will I just keep it the same so as not to ruin a good thing?

I was so frustrated when she wasn’t eating. She was her usual self, just rather hesitant to eat.

Touch wood she keeps eating within normal time.

Oh and Solona Rave? It wasn’t that good. I sent three photos of Ushi from her puppywalker, and all I got for all three was “A dog”. Well I know it’s a dog! What is happening in them? Grrrrr.

Oh and if i’m not on here tomorrow, have a wonderful happy christmas. I’ll probably post what I got on Saturday. I hope you all get lots of nice things!