Positive Feedback Pays Off

For some reason i couldn’t post using the wordpress app. I disabled two step authentication and i think that was the reason. I’ve pasted the post i had written though. I’ll try posting with the app later.
I couldn’t think of what else to call this post but i wanted to write about something.

Back around the start of July, i had talked about doing a possible food switch. At my last after care visit last year guide dogs had said that they would possibly need to switch Ushi on to a lighter food because her weight kept going up and down. It has been like this since i got her which i have talked about before. Anyway i started to research foods. I did not want her on multiple foods until the right one could be found as Ushi can be very funny about her food. She can either be sick on it, or else she will eat it for a whilee. This was only me going on when she was on the Royal Cannin Maxisensible food. So i wanted to make sure it was the right food for her.

Another guide dog owner recommended we try
As she was thinking of putting her dog on it too. I was staying up there at the time, so we baught a small bag of burns chicken and brown rice and started to switch slowly from the royal cannin to the burns. I noticed immediatly the difference even in handling the food. Burns comes in little balls, whereas the royal cannin came in big round what looked like flat golden nuggets if anyone has seen the serial. It was so so so greasy too. And smelly. Very smelly. The burns actually felt nice to reach your hand in to. There was no grease at all and barely a smell unless you got right up close to it.

It took about 10 days in total before Ushi was on the Burns completely but i noticed a change even as i was switching. Gone was the dog who would sit for a few minutes after i blew the whistle for her to eat. Instead she was straight in there after i blew it, but she still chewed each piece of food like she has always done. Even in the mornings she is no longer wanting her food and lying in front of it. She has only done that once since she has been on it. The main difference is that she used to be sick randomly every few weeks on the royal cannin, now she is barely sick at all. The only time she is sick now is when Angel sometimes plays with her jouls in the mornings lol. The most important difference is that her weight has gone down and stayed down. She went from 35.5 down to a brilliant 30.6 kilos and that was back in October. So that was brilliant. I am no longer nervous about going and getting her weighed. A lot of people have noticed too which is class.

The trouble is though that guide dogs have contracts with Eucanuba and royal cannin. Because Burns is such a small company it means that they will not have that as an option for guide dog owners. I think this is such a shame as i think it would stop a lot of the spending issues and that kind of thing. Plus there are a lot of dogs now that seem to have alergies never mind the weight issue. It’s a shame but i don’t mind paying for Ushi to be on the food if it is making such a difference to her. If i hadn’t noticed any differences i’d have put her back on the royal cannin straight away.

Anyway the point of this post is that i emailed the Burns company and explained the difference it had made to Ushi. They replied and hey said that they do offer a small discount for guide dog owners but that it wasn’t available in Northern Ireland. They then said they’d send Ushi a “small something for christmas”. I thought this would be something like a measuring cup or something as they do measuring cups. I was not expecting a big 15 kilo bag of food that landed up at my door last week. Wow. Ushi of course has plenty in but that means this bag will see her through until at least late february hopefully. It is still sitting here unopened.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Burns so much for first of all developing a more natural food, and secondly for sending me such a huge bag. Thank you Burns for your generosity. I was not expecting that at all.

Sorry for the length of this post but i wanted to get it out there. Thank you again.