French Restaurant

Tonight, I got the pleasure of going to a french restaurant with my school. It was to celebrate how well we did in our mocks for the GCSE’S, which were last week.

Well it was a normal school day until about 3.30 this afternoon. We got changed in to our outfits we were going to wear, and headed off to Forestside Shopping Centre to do a bit of shopping before the meal.

After, we headed off to the restaurant. Our table was booked for 6 o’clock. We thought this wasn’t going to happen, however, as the place was closed. About five minutes later, it had opened though. We were just early I guess.

The restaurant was gorgious!!! For starters, I had Onion soup. This was nicer than I thought, as I was expecting it to be really strong. Next, I had the main course. I had Sur loin steak, with garlic butter, and garlic potatoes. This was gorgious as well. It wasn’t too strong either. Last came the dessert. I had chocolate pancakes with fresh cream. This was also nice, although I was unable to finish it.

It was a fantastic night. I would recommend it!!!!! It was great crack. Especially when one of my friends ordered the frogs’ legs!!!!

I would just like to say a big big thank you to our french teacher. I really enjoyed it tonight. Thank you.