Last 1….

Today was the last of
GCSE English Exam
I started at about half 1.

It was quite good. At least there were no pictures that I needed to use. Thank god. It’s quite a co incidence, cause this time last year,
i was sitting
My second paper for GCSE English, only it was with a
Different Examining Board

Funny how time flies!!!!!! Has it really been a year since i left school and went to the college? My god!!!!

Now, i’m off to figure out what to do next year.

GCSE English Exam, Part 1

Today was the first paper of
The GCSE English
exam. I started at like half 9.

It was good I thought. Some of the questions were a bit hard, but it went in far quicker than I thought. At one point, I thought there were only 2 questions, but I forgot about section B!!!!!!!

I was also allowed to use the colleges’ laptop, so that was also good. I liked the descriptions of the pictures!!!! Well done

The final exam is on Thursday!!!!!

I’m off to boil now lol. Can’t stand the heat.

Paper 2 Of The Last GCSE Maths Exam

Today was the last part of the last
GCSE Maths Exam
I started at about half 9.

Oh my god, i didn’t do half as well in this module as i would have liked!!!!! I just made stupid mistakes again. At least the paper was perfect this time lol. I had a different scribe again

I really need to be feeling more confident about the exam, but it’s so hard. Confident thoughts please flow this way!!!!!

I’m off to get ready for the last night of the english class.

Paper 1 Of The Last GCSE Maths Exam

Today was the first paper of the last GCSE maths exam.

I started at like half past 1.

The exam was far better than I expected!!!!!! I answered all of the questions, the only problem was that I had different co ordinates etc on my paper than were on the printed paper!!!!!! The board need to get a person to proof read the braille!!!!!!! Some of the questions seemed to be just thrown in.

Hopefully I will do better in this paper than I did in the last one!!!! I got….63 out of 112 which is kind of bad. Oh well. Can’t dwell on these things.

Second GCSE Maths Exam

Today I had my second GCSE maths exam.

I started at about half 9. It was alright, but some of the questions were real bummers!!!!!!! I left those ones to the end though.

The only bad thing was that I didn’t get notified that I was going to have a new scribe. Also, a collumn was missing out of my table in braille!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! It was only 1time, but that’s not the point. My teacher is going to bring it up, so that the board are aware of it.

Hopefully this exam will get me on a C again like the last one. Although i think i left some of the working out that I should have done. I got my point aross though.

My scribe was coming in just as I had finished. It’s a good job that the person I got today was able to do it.

By the way, I got 67 out of 75 in that last exam. Sorry I didn’t let you all know.

Hard to believe it’s the last module now. At least now I can focous on it.

First GCSE Maths Exam

Today I had my first GCSE Maths exam. I was quite surprised at how easy it was!!!! I used a scribe, as I thought it would be better. I actually finished within normal time, which is always good.

The latest news on my laptop is that the copy of JAWS that the college has, doesn’t work with the new laptops. I should hopefully get i within the next few weeks though.

Also on a side note, I got one of my christmas presents early. I got a laptop for home. It’s just a bit hard getting used to Vista though!!

The Exams Are Over!

I had my last exam today. It was English. It was quite easy. The other exams were easier than i thought.

Where has the time gone? I can remember back in September, our teachers talking about coursework, and before I knew it, the exams are over!!!! Happy days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonna party harty now!!!!! We’re off to our local market with school to celebrate.

Chocolate fudgecake here we come!!!!!