Yaktrax, Rave, And A Bit Of An Update

My post about how good yaktrax
Were? Well I went ahead and
Ordered them
From the UK site. They came last week, which was just in time as it was pritty icey. It has thawed a little now, but I still wear them, as there are tiney bits of ice still.

Well they make me feel a hell of alot more confident. I mean really. They are incredibly useful. I don’t have to worry as much now if my next step will make me land on my arse. I forgot to take them off inside though today, and I kept hearing this weird sound each time i walked. One of my springs got caught in the carpet and was sticking to it!

But apart from that, they are wonderful. I’m so glad i got them!

Another bonus is that they are good for walking with a doggy!

Yesterday was the first day in like 10 days since i could get out there and work Ushi. She did better than I thought, and didn’t rush at all! She just likes to do that on the snow! She didn’t really care that she couldn’t work, but me on the other hand was rather bored! We are apparently meant to get more snow this week, so let’s hope I can at least work her a bit before it snows again.

I’m not sure if I mentioned that we were getting our kitchen done? Well it was meant to be happening in January, but it was moved forward.

So last week they came to do it. So far I am really impressed with the amount of work that has been done. They knocked down a wall, put in a new window, wired up stuff, and on Friday the plasterers were there. This is all within the fifth day! So all that is basically left to do now is to move the new worktops and stuff in, retile the floor, put in new plug sockets, a tiney bit more plastering, put in a new sink, and an extractor fan above the cooker. I’m thinking they’ll probably be done by the middle of the week hopefully.

Oh and Ushi? She’s been fine with all the work. She hasn’t noticed, I don’t think. The only thing she has started doing is being very hesitant to actually eat. She seems fine in herself, and eats a treat or two if she gets the chance. So I’m not really sure why she is doing this. I hope it doesn’t last long though!

In other news, my friend
Still isn’t having a good time. I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that she was having a bit of trouble with a bug that her guide dog, cat and her have been fighting. It seemed to go away but now it is back again. Her cat is back in the vets. She had to go in over this weekend. So if you could, please head over and support her. She is going through a hell of a time at the minute with it. I hope that things get better for her soon.

Carrin over at
Vomet Comet
Left me a comment on my post where I asked about
Online describing tools
She mentioned a product by a company called Solona. This company is run by human volunteers who help you solve word verification immages, or Capchas. They have introduced a new tool called
This apparently is a tool for describing images.

So out of curiosity, I created an account. This account works with capchas too.

Rave seems very simple to use. I just selected it from a drop down box after I logged in, uploaded an image, and then asked for it to be described. Simple as that. I’m just waiting on an email telling me the answer to my question about what the image is. This will be incredibly useful if it can help to do this.

I will post the results as soon as I get them.

Thanks Carrin!

Anyway that’s my slice of life for the moment. I will keep you posted on Solonas results.

I hope everyone is doing well!