It All Paid Off!

I’ve just read on Twitter that
Nicky Kealy
Has just won the Glor Tire compitition I posted about
A couple of weeks ago
I have been voting multiple times a day in the past couple of days. I’m not sure if posting my blog post helped, but I feel a little privilidged that I could have helped him win. That probably sounds very cocky but i don’t mean it to be.

I did have my suspicions to be honest. Nicky had been very quiet all day and normally he does tweet eventually. Although it could have been live i suppose.

I would like to thank everyone who did vote over the last couple of weeks. He deserves to win. I’m not sure what he wins, but congratulations anyway!

It is great so close to christmas. Congratulations again and i just had to post the results as soon as i got them! (I was unable to watch the show but still voted!).

I hope Nicky celebrates tonight! Well done for all the hard work you put into it!