This Time Last Year…The Hotel

This time last year, i’d have probably just got home from

Learning my way around


Lamon Hotel

Which was where my guide dog class was held. It is a really nice hotel, and I found it really easy to learn where everything was.

On the way back, we had popped into the guide dog office where I was asked to do a blog for

The facebook page

I really enjoyed doing that, as i felt it might help some applicants on the page. I also got to see little Ushi again which was cool.

I really can’t believe how quickly time has flown. Last year i worried in case it didn’t work out between us, but I think it has.

It was sad in a way since i thought i wouldn’t see my rehab worker again. I know i probably shouldn’t have, but i baught him a cake to say thanks for the 7 years i had him. I still do see him now and again for talks and things but the only difference is that he isn’t working with me any more.

I hope over the next few weeks you’ll follow me as I recapp last year, and share how i felt then to now. I hope i don’t bore you! There will probably be two posts on Tuesday:one before and the first day of class. I hope you’ll enjoy!

On the subject of guide dogs, don’t forget to follow Kerie over at

GDOs unleashed

Where she is just going through her training with her second dog Yale. They seem to be getting on great.

More New Blogs

I was recently just browsing through
Our guide dogs facebook page
As one does, when I came across a new blog.
Kevin And His Dog Immagin
Are just starting out on their guide dog journey. In fact, he is only on his second day of training. The best thing is he is local! I think he would really appreciate some support on his journey with his first dog :).

The other blog isn’t local, but she is from the UK.
Mel Spooner
Is on her second or third guide dog, but her entries are quite informative.

I just thought i’d share these!

A Couple Of New Starts

I’ve just came across a couple of blogs that you might find interesting. The first one was introduced to me by
And the other one is being done on our
Facebook Page

Is training with her first guide dog I think. She is called “flow”. I think she is training in america somewhere.

The other blog is by a girl called Vicky who is starting training with her first guide dog Ivy tomorrow. She is training with our team. She is writing a blog like I did on class.

So if any of you have facebook, pay a visit to our facebook page and wish Vicky luck.

I hope training goes well for both Debra and Flow, and Vicky and Ivy!

Thanks Guys

I was asked the other day by a blogger friend if she could write a bit about me getting my guide dog in her blog. I said Yeah, as i think it’s good to learn what way things are done in different parts of the world, and it would possibly get me more readers!!!! Well it was a lovely mention. It was just about what had happened, and basically just a summary saying that I had been matched and to “support” me as the journey continued. Thank you Ro!!!!!!! I love reading her blog, and i find it really fun. I have to keep reminding myself though that it isn’t the way our team does things, and that things might be slightly different here than over there, and not to expect the same things exactly. I still enjoyed a really good read though, and always checked to see if she had updated her blog. She is working well with her guide dog Jayden now, and it is so good. I think i have blogged about her before, but i can’t be bothered linking to the post. Thank you again,
Here is her lovely piece she wrote about me:

Ever wonder what getting a guide dog is like when you live in Ireland? Well,
is getting her first guide dog! She lives in Ireland and it’s really interesting to see how they do things there. She’s going to class August 30 and it looks like they already have a match for her. The dog’s name is Ushi and Torie has already gone on some walks with her. When she goes to class, she’ll go stay at a hotel and finish up her training with Ushi. Torie is going through all the emotions we all go through when about to get our first guides, so let’s all go give her support and watch as the training unfolds! Congrats Torie!!

It is amazing to get help and advice from all my blogger friends out there. At the start, I would only read blogs that were in the UK, but since there aren’t very many of them, I decided to check out a few farther afield. Thank god I did!! I wouldn’t have discovered such wonderful blogs, like Ro’s, for example.

Thank you to everyone who has commented on my last couple of posts. Thanks first of all to
Who has been there throughout the past two years near enough, and who’s team seems to be very similar to mine, up here in the north. Without her I probably wouldn’t have discovered some other wonderful blogs, as she always has up to date blogs, and she sometimes would link to new blogs she has discovered along the way. Also thanks to
Who I have also found through Jeniffer. She has been great both on here and on Facebook.

Next, it’s thanks to
Who’s blog I am still working my way through. Am on 2007 with that though so that is good.

A new reader commented last week, and she goes by the name of
Who is a co-writer of the blog “vommit comitt” which i can’t be bothered finding out the link for. This blog always has funny articles, and makes fun at the current news stories in Canada and around the world.

And her guide dog cricket. Becky is a theropist, and she recently featured my “Story of resiliency” in one of her posts.

If there is anyone I haven’t mentioned, sorry, but thanks to all of you guys over the past couple of posts. You really do make such wonderful friends when ever you start a blog. That should be one of the top reasons to start a blog!!!! So if anyone is thinking of starting a blog, just think that although you might not have many readers, or any comments at the start, it will grow in time, and you will gain the support of many people who are maybe in a similar situation, or have come out the other side.

So thanks again guys, and I will be sure to keep you all posted on the guide dog and everything else!!!! We all would be lost without blogs I think!!!

If Only I’d Have Known!

I am currently reading a blog by a photographer who is waiting for a new guide dog. She is called
And her blog is great. Anyway, I joked a couple of months ago in
This post
Where I was recommending some blogs that were worth reading, that I was wading through her blog. Well i am still “Wading” through it, and it might be a bit longer before i’m finished!

I looked at the archive earlier tonight just to see how long it actually was, and discovered that she goes right back to 2004! Oh my god!!! I thought she only went back to 2005 at least, but wow!! I’m currently on July 2008, so i’ve got loooads to go yet!!!! I promised myself that i wouldn’t subscribe to her RSS feed, or leave any comments until i had finished reading all the blog. I would be wondering what happened in older entries if i just read the newist ones. So i am going to keep that promise, and am not going to start reading any new blogs until i have finished this one. It’s a pritty tough promise though!!! I will keep reading my regulars, which are at the bottom of my blog under the heading “blogs and links I visit” simply because i have read all their older entries. But please, save any great cool new blogs for afterwards, otherwise i will be tempted to read!!! Nah i’m only joking about that part-i love reading new and interesting blogs!

I only found L’s blog when reading another person’s blog. I found a post by her about naming her cane or something, and got a bit curious. I can’t be bothered finding the link though.

Dogs’ Eye View
Will hold a permanent place in my favourites for at least another while anyway. Until i have read all the past posts at least. The newist posts i can read in my RSS reader, and there aren’t as many of them, but the older ones-there are just loads!! They are all good though!! I wonder will i read them in the rest of this year? Don’t worry- i won’t stay in reading all the time-i will only do it when i’m bored, or just looking to read.

I might change my voice for reading though, as the good old elloquence gets a bit tiring on the old ears when reading for long periods. So i might have to install the realspeak voices, and use one of them, like Karren maybe when reading. I wouldn’t use it all the time, as i like elloquence for other things.

Sorry for the length of this post. Must go to bed now.

Thought You’d Like These

I came across two blogs recently that i thought you all would like to have a look at. They are both american blogs, and one is on my links List.

Has recently qualified with her first guidedog Jayden, and i think she has been home for about a month now. I find this interesting, as it is so different from our District team, and when we qualify and that. I just find that the way all the schools are so different fascinating.

Ro’s blog is great, and she has accomplished so many things, and only been blind for 2 years! Well done Ro, and keep up the good work with Jayden!!!! Also before i forget, she pulled a prank on us all on Thursday, because it was “April Fools day”, by saying that she wouldn’t keep the blog any more. That would be seriously bad!!!!!! Cheers again Ro, for giving me permission to use your blog!!!

Has recently had to retire her first guidedog Willow, who she has worked with for about 7 years. Again, this is a very interesting blog. I am currently wading through the archives of it though lol.

Also, L^2 is a photographer! Because she has a little bit of vision, she is able to describe the pictures she takes.

A great read! I came across her from a post on Ro’s blog about her cane lol.

It’s thanks to
Who i have mentioned before, for having a really good list of blogs that she follows. This was where i found Ro, and in turn, found L^2.

I hope you enjoy them!
I only started following them as there aren’t very many UK guidedog owners with a blog. That may change though sometime.

Thanks again Jenifer.

I Got A Mention!!

You have probably seen
This Blog
In my
Links List
*which i haven’t worked out how to create on blogger*
Well if you haven’t, The woman who writes this blog is a wonderful person!!! I love her!!!! Her blog is so fantastic!!!!!!!!! It’s also good to get a local prospective from a local guidedog owner. There is so much to say about her!!!!!!

While reading
Her Latest Post,
I got a nice little mention!!!! My
Got a mention too!!!!!!!! In case you’re curious to see my mention, Here It is!

rop-heart *was old blog user name*
Often comments here. I met her about 18 months ago for a project I was doing in Belfast. A few months ago she found my blog, contacted me to say hi and
now she visits this blog regularly. She recently wrote a nice article about “the not so accessible public transport network”, and you can read it and check
out her blog over at:

*now moved
Over here

Thanks again
Keep blogging!!!!