Their Masters Voice Concert

On Wednesday night, i was at a concert run by a choir called “Their Masters Voice”. This was a choir made up of guide dog owners, staff and volunteers. It was formed about 6 or so months ag. It was run by one of the habilitation specialists who i part of the charity called
lind children uk
Which was formally the national blind childrens society. Blind children UK are now part of the guide dogs organisation working as blind children UK. One of the rehabilitation workers from guide dogs thought the choir would be a great idea because it’s 30 years since guide dogs came to Northern Irelnd.

The concert was being held in the
La mon hotel
Which is a fabulous hotel. It is where the guide dogs classes take place if the client chooses to do residential training. The staff are ever so helpful and nothing is too much trouble.

The concert was fantastic and it was so good to have everyone together. All of the choir pieces were accompanied by a young man who is the youngist guide dog owner in Northern Ireland and the first to have a guide dog in a main stream secondary school which is just brilliant. There was also a band called “Big band worier Swing band” who wre brilliant too. The band was made up of teachers fromone of the education and library boardsi think

There was also a raffle on the night which was massive. A lot of businesses were so generous.

I would like to say well done to all who took part in the choir. It was a brilliant night.

Those of us who had traveled quite a way up decided to stay over that night. It brought back so many memories for me. I had trained there with Ushi and i knew exactly where i was. It felt like being at home in a way. I was slightly worried about Ushi spending, but thankfully there was gravel as well as the pen set up. Ushi wouldn’t use the pen at all bt she did use the stones which was a relief.

I would like to thank the La mon for their hospitality and great service as usual. And thanks again to Guide dogs again for organising such a great choir. It was a fantastic way to celebrate 30 years of guide dogs being in Northern Ireland.