Results Of The Pub Quizz

Well Thursday night was the
Pub Quizz
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately me and Ushi weren’t able to go.

Shortly after we decided to go, I heard from my rehab worker that he was unable to go to the pub quizz as his grand mother was very ill. I completely understood this, but then thought that there was no reason why I couldn’t still go. So I sent a private message on facebook just to try and see who was interested. I sent this on Friday of last week. On Sunday I heard from two people saying that they couldn’t go, but hadn’t heard from the other two yet (my friend said he would come from belfast). I had mentioned that I would need collected as my rehab worker was providing the transport and since he couldn’t do it, i had none. Obviously I hadn’t told them that, I just said that either we could share a taxi or I could be collected. I still hadn’t heard any word. I even put up on my status for a while on facebook about it, but still no reply.

By Wednesday night, I was getting pritty impatient. So I emailed and texted the other two people who had to get back to me, and eventually they got back to me saying that they couldn’t go. I was a bit disappointed to be honest. I mean would it have been so hard for them to let me know what was happening? I thought that the longer you gave someone for notice, the more likelyhood of them getting the message and the more likely they would be able to make a decision. They claimed that they “didn’t get the facebook message”. This might have been the case, but I had posted it on my status too!

So I had to let my friend in Belfast know.

I needn’t have felt bad for not going for long though, and I wasn’t disappointed when I learned that the quizz had raised £868! Apparently 130 people had turned up, creating over 15 teams. I thought this was marvellous. There was a raffle on the night too. This means that
The Guide Dogs Gals
Are well within their target for the marathon! Well done everyone!

I hope that the next quizz I want to go to that I can actually get a team! Well done again everyone!