Today on our walk out, some idiot had let his stray dog wonder around and distract Ushi.

It was raining a bit today, so I did a bit of obedience before we left the house (Ushi hates rain, so I was just experimenting). Well it seemed to work. She wasn’t dawdling along, as she often does when it’s raining. I thought “Good, that seemed to work”.

When I crossed our first road, however, things started to change. This dog kept wondering around in front of us, which made Ushi Hugely distracted. Usually when we meet another dog on our walks, I get Ushi up to a down kerb so that the person with the dog can pass, and I can correct her without blocking the path. I got her up to a down kerb and gave her a telling off for being distracted. We started to head off again, and what do we find, that stupid dog.

A man shortly came up behind me and tried to shoe it away so that we could carry on. It then decided to follow us on up, and darted across the road to where I was heading. I stood about to cross, and another kind man saw the dog, and went into his house to get a lead and collar from his house (luckily he had a dog!). I was going to head back home at this point, as I didn’t think the dog was going to move. A woman came up and explained that the dog had been put on a lead (I didn’t know this yet). She said that the dog was pigging and that it had no collar on at all. The woman then accompanied me across the road (I thought that she was going to assist me, so dropped the handle, then she was like “It’s okay to keep going” or something lol. The man explained that he had hold of the dog, and that he was going to phone the dog warden. I thanked him immensely and carried on my walk.

It sure did knock the old confidence a bit. I’m hoping that tomorrow it won’t be wondering about again!

Maybe this is just me, but I think it is highly irresponsible for dog owners to have dogs running around without a collar on. Number 1 i’m sure it’s hard for the dog to be tracked down, and number two, it scares the absolute shit out of you!

I don’t know what that dog was like. It could have gone for me or Ushi. Plus it could have been carrying any kind of nasties like worms, or something even worse.

Let’s hope we have a better walk tomorrow! These things are sent to try us though.