Big Steps

Today i had a branch meeting for our guide dogs fundraising branch. It was in Cushendall.

I had decided that the next time we would go to Cushendall, I would take the bus if i was feeling adventurous. This was the first time we were at Cushendall as we wanted to make sure the weather was good as when it is icey it is quite hard to get to as the road is quite windey.

So this morning me, my dad, my sister and me set off to get to our nearest bus stop. Unfortunately at the stop there is no way you know that you are at the stop as there isn’t even a pole there. The stop is half way up the wall! So if i was ever doing it on my own i don’t know how we’d find it. Dad and my sister were heading to Glenariff forest park which is near Cushendall.

There was a bus that passed and we thought it was our bus but it turned out it was a school bus. We got on the next one though.

It was a very rattley bus and each time we turned a corner it made little Ushi slide on the floor.

When my dad and sister got out i was panicking in case the bus didn’t stop at my destination, but it did and my friends mum was waiting for me.

Since we had a little time to kill before the meeting, we decided to take the dogs for a run. Luckily i had braught my free running stuff just in case. We first of all let them run around the garden for a while before getting in the car to head to where we would run them.

They had a great time just running around. I noticed they stuck together and wouldn’t leave each others side near enough. When I called Ushi back, Della wasn’t far behind and vice versa. On the way Della started to whine because she knew where she was going and knew we were near the sea, so Ushi started to copy too. We didn’t let them go near the sea though as we didn’t fancy the smell of we dog.

When we got back to the house they still wanted to play lol.

The meeting was good and Ushi just slept because she was so exhausted. We stayed for lunch afterwards. I was going to get the bus back but we finished early so i figured there wouldn’t be much point in waiting around when the branch organiser was going home the same way anyway.

I feel though that i have made some big steps. It’s so good to do something totally independently. We were talking about going up again just to let the dogs have a run together. I can’t wait! If only the busstop was slightly better though.

On another note, the fundraising coordinator asked me if i would like to try surfing at some point. The Derry branch are organising it and they are talking about it being a sponsored event. The guy who mentioned the surfing to the Derry branch does it for people with disabilities and it would be an adapted board and everything. So i said i would give it a try. I’ll let you know though when i have more info on that. It sounds very exciting though!

Oh and i forgot to say I was a bit worried about how Ushi would react to my friends cats. When she is in harness she will sniff but i don’t think she would do anything to a cat. My friend said though that the cats she had had disappeared but there was the neighbours cat who lurked about. It stood in front of Ushi and she didn’t care! So i was glad about that!