Stop Sopa Ireland

Recently there was a law that was possibly going to be passed called the “stop online piracy act” or Sopa for short. There was one called Pippa too. These laws would have major affects on everything online like

Alot of sites went black for a day and Wikipedia would not let you search for anything in protest. Everyone thought that that had stopped the acts from happening as they were being “postponed”. But i read an article saying that
Sopa and Pippa are still there, along with a new act
That could be passed.

I tried to sign the Sopa petitions, but since they were american you had to be living in America to sign it. I did find something to sign but it did take alot of searching.

The minister in The south of Ireland has decided to have irelands own version of Sopa now. There is a very easy petition
That you can sign
To stop this happening. There is even a toolbar you can download if you have a
Blog. I’m not sure if there is one for Blogger yet though.

Digital Darragh
Has written a
Great post
On why this petition should be signed. I don’t even know if people outside of ireland can sign this but i presume they can.

Let’s hope we can stop this too. I reckon the government are probably downloading things too, so i don’t think it’s right they want the likes of even Twitter to stop. That’s just my thoughts though.

Oh PS sorry i haven’t blogged in a while but i don’t think i’ve got anything new at the moment to blog about. I hope to get back into it soon though.