Pay It Forward

Do you ever get those times when you just have to write down something because you’re just so blown away? Well tonight was one of those nights.

I had decided to call in to a pub called Robbonsons tonight for my dinner before my yoga. Normally i would get something in great victoria street station but all the restaurants in there were starting to close so i popped across the street to Robbonsons. There were these Canadian tourists in front of me. They read the menu to me and asked me what i would like. I said a sheperds pie and they said i could join them outside. I went to hand them money and they were like “we’ve paid for your dinner”. I could have been knocked down with a feather. Of course i thanked them perfusely and asked them if they needed money. They insisted they didn’t. I somehow felt i was taking advantage of them and told them this but they said they didn’t think i was. When i asked them why they did it, they told me it was because they liked staying here so much that they wanted to do something kind and told me to pay it forward sometime.

Now before i go any further, i wasn’t expecting any of this at all. I had my own money with me after all. I was just so blown away by their kindness and generosity. They hadn’t even met me until then.

Their kindness didn’t stop there though. They came over to check on me every few minutes and introduced themselves to me each time they talked. They even asked if i needed help out of the place or not.

I was just so very humbled by their gesture and it totally made my day.

So thank you Catherin and Ian, i will certainly pay it forward. Some people are just so kind.