Good Enough For A Meal?

About a week ago, I ordered Ushi a
Kong Wobbler
From Amazon. A Kong Wobbler is a plastic kong, but has sand or something in the bottom to stop it falling over. It’s sort of like a
If you remember them. (They were cool though). The dog has to wobble it about so that the food comes out a little whole in the side of it. It keeps their mind active whilst being fun.

I ordered a large Wobbler thinking it wouldn’t be that big. It was massive! The first time I put a little bit of her food in it, she whined at it and would only play with it when I sat on the floor with it. Now though she will carry it around and will play with it a little more, but she will still whine! (This doesn’t surprise me since she’ll do it at carrots, dental sticks, and sometimes ice cubes). I have know idea why she does it but i think it’s just part of her wee personality. When she does play with it though it takes her quite a while to get the food out, and it sounds like she’s going mad with it.

I have heard though that you can put a dogs meal into it. I would rather do this, since i am still wanting to get Ushi’s
Extra Weight off
her. (That’s under the heading “Side note” in that post).

I would be interested in a few things:

• Would the Kong Wobbler make Ushi develop a twisted stomach? (I would never forgive myself). She’s not a gulper, but whilst she doesn’t run around with the wobbler, she’ll wibble it and attack it.
• Since it takes her quite a while to get the little out of the wobbler that I put in would it be worth her having a full meal in it and could it cause some problems if she was wobbling it? (If i was going to give her a meal, I would probably give her dinner since at breakfast time I practically have to drag her off her bed).
• Would she get frustrated and just not eat?
• Would she spend afterwards?
• Should I just use it ocasionally since she is grand eating out of her bowl?

Thanks for any feedback. I’m just looking for some feedback from people who might know about a Wobbler or who have used one.

Thanks alot!

I managed to screw up this post lol and remove all my links, but lets hope they’re still there when I post! I think I fixed it anyway.