Last Minute Thoughts…

Well the day has finally arrived. In approximately 10 hours, I will be heading up to the hotel with my rehab worker to commence guide dog class. Boy are the nerves starting to kick in! What will I be like tomorrow morning?

I am still thinking “what if i’m not ready” and “Will it work” and all those other questions lol. I know it will just take persiveerance (can’t spell that word) for both me and the dog. Sometimes i still think “It’s just a normal day” and “it’s not really real” but it is it is it is!!!

I must thank all of you who have commented giving me all nice messages and telling me not to worry which is hugely important! :). There are too many of you to mention, and I want to sort out my bag for last minute packing.

I will hopefully get to writing another post later tonight, but i may not be able to reply to comments. Keep them ppouring in though! I just might not have the time that’s all.

I must go now, and i’ll chat to you all tonight. I just wanted to get this post in just letting you all know the craic with comments and such. Sorry i’m rushing so much.

I’ll write later!