Ushi The Madam…..Again

I just want some oppinions on a little something.

Since around Wednesday or Thursday I started doing two walks twice a day again, which I mentioned in yesterdays
I am doing the two walks again a day because frankly there is no excuse now, and I don’t really want her weight to keep going up.

Well she has started to dig again in the garden. I thought that it was maybe because mum had filled in the wholes where she had dug a few months ago (she had stopped for about 5 months) with soil, but i’ve noticed little changes with her working too. They’re not really massive changes, just her being sluggish (not her fault though), sniffing more, and just missing some of her kerbs. They aren’t massive kerbs, and I always re work a kerb that she has missed, but she never used to do it. She is also wanting to play a bit more, which I have been doing just to see if that helps. Most of the time she is grand on our walks, but now she’s just being a bit more of a minx. It’s only ocasionally too that she is acting up.

I’m kicking around a few ideas of what could be causing this.

1. She is bored of our routes and wants to spice things up a bit? (we haven’t really learnt anything knew in a while).
2. The heat is just getting to her and making her feel slightly irritated and not wanting to work? (She seems fine and her tail wags when she is working so not sure if it is that, and I don’t know how you would tell if a dog was irritated).
3. She needs a good free run? (I haven’t given her one in about 2 weeks as I feel it is just too hot. We are going to take her for a good one tomorrow early in the morning to see if that helps).
4. Could the two walks be giving her more energy? (I doubt it as she usually sleeps after each long walk).
5. Would the
Dog Attack
From a couple months ago finally be starting to affect her? (I hope not, and don’t think it would cause her to be a madam).
6. Could the change in weather from slightly mild to really warm be just affecting her? (I was thinking maybe she senses the air pressure changing or something).

The instructor said yesterday that we seem to be working well, so I don’t know. After me saying to myself that i’d noticed that I didn’t need to correct her much since she is now qualified 6 months!

Thanks for all your help, and I hope that you guys can help. It’s maybe just a bad week. I’ve done an obedience session to to see if that helps. I really don’t think it’s worth ringing the team about, since it’s so very minor and I can get her to stop after a correction.

I’m not too worried, I just want to know what the problem is!