Being More Connected

Yesterday i attended an information day ran by the

Campaign to end loneliness


There were a number of things happening throughout the day such as an information morning in City hall, a thing called “chatty busses” which were designed to stimulate conversations, a documentary and a disco. Everything was designed to get people to become more connected with each other. I was asked to attend the information morning to help promote the

My guide service

From Guide dogs to people and see if they would be happy to volunteer for it. I have recently become involved with training volunteers to deliver this service myself. There were a number of other stalls there too such as the Red Cross, Age NI, the police, as well as many other organisations. There was also a pop up choir. All of this was designed to get people more connected with each other.

After a spot of lunch, the people from the campaign organised a mini bus to take us over to attend a free screening of a documentary called

Older Than Ireland

Which was about 30 people who had lived to be 100 years old and their lives. I had never seen it before so decided to go along to see what it was about. It was held in the Queens’ film theatre in Belfast. When we arrived, we were given a cup of tea before watching the documentary, followed by a question and answer session with a panel of speakers. It was a very funny documentary and my first thoughts were when watching it is that loneliness can happen to any one of us, and it doesn’t have to be something that only happens to older people. This could be through something as simple as moving to a new area or starting a new job. I got thinking that we all have to make an effort to do something to stop us becoming lonely if we can such as starting a conversation on a bus or just saying hello to someone.

It was home time after this but there was also a disco later on that night which i didn’t go to.

It was a great day and i think there should be more days held like this to bring everybody together. It was such a simple concept too, but one that people seem to have trouble with as we’re always in a rush to get somewhere or be somewhere. I don’t think there will ever be no loneliness, but i do think we can all do something to help.