Little Madams

Ushi has been a rather testing little madam this weekend….

When the instructor was out on Friday Ushi decided to not sit at one of her kerbs. I thought nothing really of it, and just thought that she was just playing up because of the instructor being around.

On Saturdays walk, however, she would hardly sit at any of her kerbs. She was still stopping at them, just not sitting. I tried working with her over the next couple of days, just to see what the problem was. I even tried dragging the “sit” out, so that she knew she had to sit. That seemed to have worked a bit, as now she only doesn’t sit at about three or four of her kerbs. I know this isn’t the point, as I would prefer that she sat at all of her kerbs, but 3 isn’t too bad compared to every single kerb on the route!

I have contacted one of the instructors just to see what the problem might be. Her work in areas such as obsticle avoidance and all is fab though.

I just wish that I knew why she wasn’t sitting at her kerbs. Pritty strange. Have I been doing something wrong? Is there anything I can do to get her to sit at those kerbs she isn’t too keen to sit at? We have had good weather so i can’t even blame that.

To make matters worse, I was about to do a right turn on a particular up kerb (we sit to change direction). I did a lead correction as she wasn’t sitting. A man shouts across the road “you’re hurting her”. All I was doing was a lead correction, then a harness correction. I just corrected her-I would never dream of hurting or hitting her. I explained to the dude that I was just correcting her cause she wasn’t doing what I told her, and he was like “oh”. He then tried to get her to sit! I just said that I would just turn right, as I knew that she wouldn’t sit when that guy was telling her. It really pissed me off. I was really worried in case he would have contacted the team. He just seemed like a bit of an arse.

The other thing is that she is still being a wee madam in the garden and having a good old dig. I think that because she hasn’t been on a free run for a couple weeks (circumstances haven’t permitted) that she has loads of extra energy that she needs to get rid of. I think too that because I have only been doing the one walk with her (longish walk) only once a day that she still has some of that extra energy. I might try and take her on two walks (she will have been used to that on training) from tomorrow. I have been lazy and haven’t taken her on the two walks. I have just taken her on the one. I might try and see if that helps. It’ll mean that i won’t be able to go back to bed for as long after the morning feeding :(. But seriously I think that might help. Dad has said that we will deffinetly go for a free run this weekend though. I might just play loads with her, and try the two walks thing. Who knows, it might help.

When I go to get her after she has done her business, she thinks it is a game, and starts running round like a mad thing. I think it is just all that loose energy though.

I hope these two walks will help things though. I’ll let you know what happens.