Manchester Dogs Home Fire

When i read about this on Thursday night, I was utterly shocked. What would make someone think to set fire to a dogs home. Apparently at least 60 dogs were killed in the fire, and many more badly injured. A lot of rescues near by have had to take in some of the dogs who have survived. This will probably have a knock on effect as resources in these places are stretched enough as it is.

The manchester evening news have set up a just giving page and the donations have just been pouring in.

Here is a more detailed article from
The house of dog
Or @Thehouseofdog on twitter.

I tried to post the main article but i can’t find a way to share it directly with my blog. The house of dog article is
And it gives details of how you can donate anything you can and spread the word. My heart goes out to all the people involved in the rescue and who are still helping these poor poor dogs.

I don’t normally post this kind of thing, and sorry it is a bit disjointed, but please please help if you can. Every little helps as they say. Some people can be so very cruel :(.