Third place!

It’s me Ushi just letting you know that i won third place in the
Mango minster 2012 compitition
For my
In the “bad sports” categry of the compitition.
Hound dog mom
Has very kindly donated my prize which is a goodey bag of stuff. She even emailed mum to ask what i could and could not have. Mum emailed back and just said i couldn’t have balls or food related toys since i don’t like working for food. I can’t wait to see what i will get!

Thank you so much again for those that voted, and you had to actually comment on the entry with all the other people rather than the individual entries to vote. Oops! I missunderstood that one.

To see who else won,
Go here

Thank you again!

Mango Minster Voting

Just a quick one before i go and do my quilting.

Voting for the Mango minster 2012 Bad sports categry is now open. I even got a nice email from Mango saying that voting would open today and she asked if i could leave comments and all. She emailed because she had put the voting details in a picture and didn’t think i could read them. How thoughtful! I really appreciated it.

So voting closes at 5 PM eastern time but i’m not sure what time that will be here in the UK. If you wouldn’t mind, go vote for
Ushi’s Entry
I think you vote by leaving a comment. Let me just say that i entered this compitition for fun so i’m not really in it to win. If i do that would be nice though.

You can see the other bad entries

Good luck and happy voting!