It Came!

Remember I won
Third place
In the Mango Minster 2012 compitition? Well her prize came today.

I am not really patient, so was going to email
Hound dog mum
To see if she was still sending it. She emailed me a couple of weeks ago asking what ushi was allowed and i said that she couldn’t have balls and not to bother getting her food related toys as she wouldn’t use them. I thought this was nice to ask first. She said she had got everything so i just had to wait.

Today me and Ushi got a big parcil. I couldn’t wait to see what we had got. There was even a note to Ushi saying that they hoped we enjoyed what was in it. I tried to take a couple pictures but they were blurry. Pity there wasn’t an app for Nokia phones to use like on the Iphone to recognise photos that have been taken.

So in this box was a great big bag of stuff. There was:
A rubbery monkey. He felt kind of like he wouldn’t last long and sort of like a stress ball. I was a bit worried but on closer inspection, he seems like he will last. I don’t think he has a squeaker but instead has an air hole which kind of squeaks when he is squeezed.
A dog bone with a rope in the middle. The dog can chew on the ends apparently but they feel like plastic.
A toy that looks like a three pointed triangle sort of with squeakers in the corner of each one. You can spin it. It comes with plastic glasses on the packet so you can see what colour a dog sees in.
A squid called “Squiddy” apparently. This is a squid with four squeakers in its tenticles.
A strange thing which we can’t decide if it is a dog or a sheep! It has a wooly back but lies down. It squeaks and crinkles.
A teeth cleaning kit (very important!) which includes a toothbrush that seems to be adult sized but am reassured it is for dogs, toothpaste, a head cover for the big toothbrush, and a finger toothbrush which i am used to. I’m dying to use it but i’ve still got her old toothbrush. I’m not sure how often you should change brushes. I’ve also still got half a tube of toothpaste from class still!
A huge bag of beef cubes i think and a glass cup for me with a rubber grip about half way down with paw prints and a rubber lid.

Ushi has played with all her toys already and loves the monkey. She had been asleep but when i started opening it to see what it was she stood right beside me.

Thank you hound dogs. It was well worth the wait and Ushi approves. It was so fun finding out what we got! I am now running out of room to put all her toys, but i don’t care. She is one spoilt pup! Thank you again!