Marlie And Pups

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I wrote about Marlie and her little surprise of 10 pups. Well they’re all doing really well. They opened their eyes and ears last week, and are now running around the place. They have now got teeth, and really really sharp claws. They have continued to gain weight too.

Unfortunately Marlie was not a well girl the past couple of days. In the middle of the night on Tuesday she took the runs and was sick a few times. Mum phoned the vet and they said it was probably just a bug. They said to keep an eye on her though. Yesterday morning Marlie was very lethargic but did perk up a bit. By the afternoon though she was very bad and was feeding the pups for over an hour. Mum had to take them off her. One of her teats was really swollen and was getting very dark. So she was rushed up to the vets.

The vet said she had mastitis, and one of her teats was gangreenus. She had a very high temperature too and just lay there. So the vet put her on really strong antibiotics and lots of fluids. He said we’d be lucky if she survived the night. They said that if we had taken her home with antibiotics she’d be dead by the morning. So the news was deffinetly not good. They said it can happen with a flick of a switch basically. The good thing was that the pups only needed fed about 4 times a day and we had baught the puppy milk.

Last night was a slow one full of lots of puppy cuddles so they wouldn’t miss her too much. This morning, she had pulled through. She was still quite tired but the fact she had made was a good sign. The vet said that the fact she was so young too was a good sign. Mum rang there a short time ago and she was sick again, but apparently the antibiotics can do that. She hadn’t eaten yet but they took her for a little walk. She’ll probably get out on Saturday but she can’t feed the pups since the antibiotics will dry her milk up. The vet thought he was going to have to spay her since the infection was so bad but thankfully that hasn’t had to happen.

I’m just so glad mum phoned and took her to the vet given how reluctant she was at the thought. Now all we’ll have to do is to make sure mum takes her to get spayed!

The vet has said we can start wheening them now since they’ll be four weeks on saturday. So they had one baking tray with very mushy puppy food. It’s mostly water. They loved it and were rolling in it and gobbled it all up. So that will gradually increase from one feed a day to all their meals.

The best news is that 10 homes have been found! Thank god for that. I really didn’t think it would be fair to keep one as well as marlie and Ushi.

Ushi is still very wary of the pups. We’ve got shower curtains down and she doesn’t like the feel of them. She will sniff the pups and whines and waggs but i don’t think she knows what they are. We’ve just been bringing some over to her sometimes and letting her take it at her pace. We’ve put kitten collars on them to keep them safe so we know where they ae. Even they are too big!

So that’s the latest. It’s so hard to write blogs now as i can never get motivated! Thanks for all the prayers for Marlie. I’m so glad she’s getting better!

Marlies Little Surprise

I'm a bit annoyed about something, so i'm hoping writing my blog post which i should have done a couple of days ago will help.

I've written here before about Marlie. Well she's settled well into the house and is eating pure dry food too. When we got her she was on wet food. So anyway when we got her she was dreadfully thin because of just having pups not that long ago. Mum had said a few weeks ago that she thought Marlie was pregnant. I sort of brushed it asside and thought maybe she wanted her to be pregnant. But over the past while she has got massive unfortunately. I kept mentioning the vet to mum and she needed to take Marlie up there. It seemed to fall on deaf ears though. I even posted about a new vet opening and that if she registered early she could then get a free health check. Again that seemed to be ignored. Last week my sister texted me as i was out and didn't have Ushi with me. She said that mum felt baby kicks. I tried to push it away but knew it was that she was pregnant. Mum did surprise me though and started about worming the pups and that when the time came, which was unheard of when i suggested it. She was even preparing a welping box and all.

From Thursday onwards Marlie was very restless and quite panty. She wasn't interested in going in her box at all. She still seemed in good form though.

On Saturday morning she got very diggy on the carpet but still wasn't interested in her box. I came back from collecting a cheque for the charity breakfast we had a few months ago and within an hour of me coming back, Marlie had dropped a load of mucus in the kitchen. She came up to mums bedroom and mum said to keep an eye on her as she was cleaning the mucus up downstairs. I was just sitting there and heard this squeak! I went out into the hall and was like oh god there's a pup! I'd have thought she'd have whimpered or that it would have been longer than about 5 minutes. The rest of the pups were easy enough to come out too. They were roughly every 20 minutes.

The last two were a bit dramatic though. It had been at least an hour since the last pup. She had quite a long break before that too. She went downstairs to pee. She then sort of crouched at the step and another pup started to slide out. She got to the bottom of the stairs again when the umbillical cord snapped. So mum scooped it up in a blanket to carry it up. The last little one was born with a lot of mucus in its' wee mouth. It wasn't really breathing when it was born, but we think Marlie was too tired to propperly push it. Mum suringed all of it out and moved it up and down quite a lot. She soon got her breathing again.

There are 5 goldies and 5 blacks. 6 girls and 4 boys.

The pups are now 8 days old now when i'm writing this. They are all doing fabulously. There is only 7 ounces between the heaviest one and the lightest one which is brilliant. Marlie is feeding them well and even moves the other away if there is one who isn't getting enough. She is even taking breaks between feeds and will go down stairs or just lies away from them. I've held some of the pups and they feel like little fat hamsters lol. Their little mouths feel like doll mouths lol. They still can't hear or see but they are quite wriggley. Marlie is very over protective and very barky at the minute.

Mum went out and baught puppy milk and was very insistent on feeding them it. Thankfully one of the pups only needed a top up on Friday there which was good. She only listened when she had read up herself that the pups probably wouldn't need the puppy milk. Marlie is also on puppy food to build herself up again after being pregnant.

4 of them have already found their possible forever home, but we won't know until they are ready to go. Whatever happens thouh, we are not keeping a pup. I don't think it would be fair on Ushi at all. Plus since we've got marlie too it would be too much in my oppinion. Speaking of Ushi, she really doesn't know what to be doing with herself. She was very hesitant to go out of the room as the pups are in the bedroom next door, but on Friday there she came in to see the pups. Marlie sort of blocked her though but their tails were wagging away so that was good. She still keeps herself to herself though but gradually doesn't need as much encouragement to leave the room.

The smallest of the pups is a pound and 5 ounces and the heaviest is a pound and 12! The past couple days marlie hasn't bothered as much with them but they are still active enough so i'm sure this is normal. I'm not looking forward to when they are moving around and not in the bedroom!

Finally here are some pictures.

This is Marlie with her pups.  They are just born.  5 golds 5 blacks.  6 girls and 4 boys.

I’m only putting up the one picture as the last two the code didn’t paste right. I’ll put up more in a later post.