26 Days!

I am going on class on the 30th August!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a call Yesterday from the instructor i had on
Saying that
Might be a “potential” match. They wanted to come out today and see if she would be.

So at about 10 o’clock they came out. It was the same instructors that i got on Monday. Just as i stepped out the door though, it decided to threaten to chuck it down, so i went and got my coat, and we sat in the instructors car until the shower passed.

They explained that they thought that Ushi was a potential match, but wanted just to check just to make sure. They told me that she can be a bit cheeky sometimes, and they wanted to see if i could handle her.

So once it brightened up again, which wasn’t that long, we got out of the car, and got ready to go.

My neighbour came over to see us before we were ready to go, and asked me if this was my dog. I just said that i was going on a walk to see. Then she said good luck lol.

Not long after we set off, there was a car and one of those little recycling boxes really close together, and Ushi just stopped. But after a bit of encouragement I got her going again. At each of our road crossings, the instructors told me to hold the lead in my right hand, just to kind of get her going the right direction if she happened to veer. I thought this would bring her across my body, but they said not to pull that much, and just to give her a gentle tug kind of, and to hold the lead out in front of you and kind of to the right. You still have the harness, but you just have the lead in your right hand instead of your left. It sounded really complicated when the instructor described it, but i caught on really quickly which was good. They also said that if she was veering, not to have a constant pull on the lead, but just give a quick pull each time, as doing a constant pull back would cause the dog to pull even more. It’s hard to explain though.

There was one part of the route where Ushi was a bit naughty, and decided to step off the kerb when i told her to go right. She was looking at some birds across the way apparently. That was what they meant by her getting a bit cheeky. So i just told her to get back on the kerb, but she wouldn’t do it, so they said for me to drop the handle and be a bit firmer. I did that, but had to do it again to get all of her up, as she only had her two front paws on the kerb. She was grand after that.

There is one point on the route where you go past a church, and we hit it at a bad time, as there was a funeral just finishing. So there was loads of people lol. One guy started talking to Ushi, and making eye contact, so as soon as i felt her head turn, i told her “straight on” hoping that the guy would get the hint lol. It seemed to work. But nobody else tried to bother her which was good.

There was one point where i had to go off the kerb to get around an obsticle. This is apparently called “off kerb obsticles”. Basically the dog will stop, and won’t go at all. So you get the dog to go to the kerb, give it the “Forward” command, and then tell it to go “over” and “find the step”. You will then be brought back on to the kerb, but you will be past the obsticle. I found out that you don’t actually do that until the second week of guide dog class, but there was no other way arount the obsticle, so they had to show me how to do that.

I found out how to bring the dog back if it steps over a kerb or something. There was a little tiny kerb to a drive way, which i would have just travelled over with the cane, but the dog needs to stop at it anyway. I told Ushi to “find the kerb” and pointed to the side, as i didn’t know that the dog should stop at the kerb in front of me. So the instructors told me to stop, and get Ushi over in front of me. Then i dropped her handle, and stepped back a couple of steps, while telling her to “come”, and just holding the lead. Then i just told her “Forward, and “find the kerb”.

We didn’t have any bother after that. I felt that she was walking more at my speed this time. The instructors said that each dog is going to speed along at the start, particularly in the first few days. They need to get used to the way you are with them, and they need to get used to your speed and all.

When we got back to the car, i gave Ushi loads of praise but as i went to rub her under her chin, as apparently that is what she likes, i kind of stuck my fingers in her mouth lol. It was open, but i kind of jumped when i felt her teeth lol. She didn’t close her mouth, it was just a shock lol. While i was praising ehr and all, i was asked if i would like to come on class. I was really really really happy. I couldn’t believe it!!! I wouldn’t have thought they would have got me so quickly. We put Ushi in the car, and we all went into the house to ask questions and that.

I am going to a different hotel this time, and not the one i was at
Back in November
As this hotel is easier apparently for guide dog classes, and the only reason they started using the other hotel was because this one was getting fixed or something. My rehab worker is going to show me around it about a week before, so that should be good.

Ushi is allowed to sleep in my room when i come home too, which is good. I won’t need to bring anything dog related when i go on class, just myself, and some money if i want to buy alcohol. Everything else is paid for. I think i will probably bring some. I can bring my laptop, and they will take us to a pet shop if we want to go there, and help us pick out stuff for our doggies. This will probably happen on the last week i would imagine. They want me to ask as many questions as i feel i need to ask, and they say that there is no rush. If when i get home it takes 3 or four weeks before i qualify, they won’t mind, and they are not going to shout at me or anything, which is really good.

Apparently the spending run is quite near to the bedrooms, which is good. And Ushi only spends in the morning and evening. She will go for a pee during the day, but she won’t poo which is good, and hasn’t spent on route yet which is really good also. They will show me how to pick up after her and all too which is good. I would rather do that.

They will give me their email address in case i have any questions between now and then, and they say that i can always ring the office or that if i need anything too. I might email them and ask what weight she is and that.

I still can’t believe that it is happening!!! I still feel as if i am just going through the motions of just waiting and that. When will it sink in? I hope it’s not too long!!!!

I intend to write each night too, as there is so much detail involved, and i want to get it all down, just to keep a record for me, and plus if i forget anything. I hope i remember all of what i have been told!!!!

I sort of thought that when they phoned me yesterday that it might be a match, but didn’t really want to get excited in case it wasn’t. But no, it is actually happening. In 28 days or so, i will be going off to class. This is after waiting approximately 15 months. Maybe it’s 16 now? Not sure. But no i am really really really really really really really really really like oh my god lol. I will probably pick your brains for ages now lol.

Oh and by the way, i had spelt Ushi’s name wrong in the previous posts. It is U S H I, and not O O S H E Y lol. So sorry about that. I hope it starts to feel real soon, as i don’t want to just be going along. I want to get excited!!!!!! What an awesome birthday present to go on class for my birthday!!! The instructors were like “Oh if you have plans that day” and i was like nooooooo!!!!

Hard to believe that less than a week has gone by, or maybe just a week, from the first walk when they were in the area, to now!!! I never thought that a week from last Wednesday i would have been put on class!!! That is pure cool!!!!

I could write away for ages more, but i will stop now, as it will just be rambling. Thanks to those of you who have been commenting both on here and on facebook. It has been awesome. I have got loads of congratulations messages all day, both on facebook and through texts and on here. It is totally awesome to know that in 26 days i will be on the way to getting my future guide dog!!!! Yay!!! I should start a count down on here or on facebook, but wouldn’t know how to lol.

Sorry for the length of this post. *had miscounted my days on Wednesday lol*.