Mellennium Volunteers Award Of Excellence Ceromony

Tonight, I was at an awards ceromony. It was in Belfast. I got the award through the
Mellennium Volunteer Programme
Which tries to encourage young people to volunteer in their community. It gives you recognition for the volunteering you do.

There are two certificates you recieve. The first is for 100 hours of volunteering. The second is for 200 hours. This is when you go to the awards ceromony.

So let’s get on to the actual event. I was collected at about a quarter past five. We then collected the others from The Cedar foundation, then headed off to Belfast.

When we got there, we found out where we were supposed to sit, then went off to get something from the buffet they had provided. I got a chicken sandwich, cocktail sausages, Natchos, and a tortilla thing. I also had sparkling water. It was gorgious.

Next, we talked for a while, until it started.

The head of the volunteering agency made a speech at the start, then two volunteers told us about their experiences of volunteering. They volunteered at a local hospital.
A DVD was shown. It was a promotional DVD featuring volunteers from all over Northern Ireland. This was also good.

Finally, the certificates were given out by the local education minister. We also got our photo taken.

There were about fifteen groups of people. Altogether, there were over three hundred young people recieving certificates.

It was a great night. I would love to go again. I would strongly recommend volunteering, as it looks great on the CV!!!!!