Hard Decisions

I’m back up in belfast yet again. I seem to be constantly up here. Not that that is a bad thing.

Recently my friend has been offered a two bedroom flat with the housing association. My friend has been dr/opping hints that i should move in. The flat is lovely and i’ve been helping get some of the stuff for it and that kind of thing. There is a garriage near buy, in fact it’s a hop really over to the garriage from the flats. Not that i don’t mind but i would rather have a bit of a walk as i like walking and it gets the dog out and that kind of thing. But on further on there are other shops so i suppose we could go further if we were taking the dogs. It isn’t a bad thing of course having the garriage so close but i like a walk to get to things because it means the dog isn’t going to get bored and that kind of thing. It’s not in a too busy part of town either which is good.

I really like Ballymena and there are some nice walks we can do. Plus i have all the stuff i do in ballymena anyway. I like it in the part of belfast that my friend is too and i like that we’re constantly doing things. The only thing i don’t like is that there isn’t walks that we have discovered just as circular routes. But i’m sure we could find something.

Of course i would continue to do all the things i do in ballymena as it’s only a 45 minute train ride roughly from belfast to ballymena. I do have my family though in ballymena. It would be more for my little brothers benifit that i would stay as he does get quite lonely and he has taken a real bond to us. I suppose my sister would be there but i’d hate to miss him growing up. I know that sounds corny though. I know he isn’t really our responsibility and i know i’m more fond of the 10 year old that the 4 year old but i guess i can’t change that. I guess if i did move up i could pop down to see him or whatever i fancied doing.

I would like to keep staying at the same doctors as i hardly ever have to go plus i like the doctors i’m with at the minute. But i would probably have to register with a new doctor. Then there is the vets. I really would like to pop down to the vets every three months for her worming and front line and her six monthly check ups, but what happens if she needs the vet in an imergency? Do i go to ballymena or do i register in a surgery closer? Then there is the likes of aftercare. Do i head to ballymena and stay over and do it the next day or do i get them to come to belfast?

I hope that if i did move that i wouldn’t lose friends that i have in ballymena, not that i have many but i wouldn’t want people to think i wasn’t friends with them or anything just because i moved to belfast. Not that they would or i would hope they wouldn’t.

My friend here wanted to do a lot of things together which isn’t a problem, but i told her that sometimes i’d like to do thing on my own and she agreed which was a huge relief. I’d still be a member of the branch of guide dogs because it’s a good branch and as i’ve said it’s really not that hard to hop on a train, now that i have the confidence to do it. It’s actually thanks to my friend here in belfast that i have that confidence and i’m greatful for that more than she will ever know.

I’ve really enjoyed cooking more here, yes it’s only been the microwave but that’s still something. I have even enjoyed simple things like getting electric and being able to key it in to the keypad which is good. The simple things please me lol. But it really is good being self sufficient.

My friend is great but i’d just be scared that i wouldn’t like it if i moved in with her. I have stayed for weeks at a time here but i would just be scared that i wouldn’t enjoy it as much if i was moving in with her.

I’m probably just worrying for nothing though knowing me. I just wanted to get everything out there and written on paper if you like. I’m going to go now because i think i’ve said all i’ve said and i would probably ramble. So i think it would be a good place to stop. I just needed to write down my thoughts.