Musher’s Secret "For Dogs Who Just Won’t Wear Boots"

I’m a bit annoyed with facebook at the moment, so rather than waste my time getting even more frustrated, I thought i’d write about something else.

The title of this post is all about a fantastic paw wax called “Musher’s Secret”. Their slogan is “For dogs who just won’t wear boots”.

Now that we’re getting into Winter, alot of salt and grit will be put down on footpaths and roads to melt some of the ice. This can cause serious problems for our dogs. Unfortunately even guide dogs do get cracked paws as the salt irritates them. I’ve never had this problem with Ushi but figured that it might be worth looking into getting her something.

I read on another blog about Musher’s. Musher’s secret is a paw wax that you moisturise into the paw pads and is supposed to stop the cracking and irritation caused by salt.

I had often considered investing in a pair of dog boots but i know for a fact that Ushi wouldn’t be too keen on wearing them. In america guide dog organisations provide these boots for free and the dogs are sort of used to them. We haven’t had too many bad winters so we don’t have them provided to us. I decided the next alternative would be this wax. It comes in
250 grams,
200 grams,
60 grams

I ordered the 200 grams which is about £12. I decided there the other week to try it out. We hadn’t got any ice or snow at this point, but i just wanted to see how Ushi would react getting it on. Ushi isn’t really a fan of getting her paws touched and will pull them under her so i can’t find them or just keep moving them out of my reach. I decided to wait until she was on her bed although it doesn’t really matter when you do it. She sort of lets me touch her paws then. (The weird thing is she will often offer me her front paws to hold or if i have stopped giving her attention and she wants more lol). She was lying on her front paws so i started on the back ones. These are the paws she is most stubborn about. She wasn’t all that keen but i just held her paw and talked to her as i rubbed in the wax. I never know how much i have on my fingers, so i find that if you rub three fingers around in it (It is hard so no mess) you get more. I rub it into her main pad first still chatting away to her which by this time she has just decided to lie there and let me do it. I then put some in between her pads and finally do each of her top pads. I do this for all her paws. You’ll need to do each paw separately.

There is no need to wash your hands afterwards as afterwards it makes your hands nice and soft. The product doesn’t smell bad and has a rather nice orangey type smell. (For some reason JAWS isn’t prouncing that right). If a dog happens to lick it off, it shouldn’t cause too much harm. It is made of natural wax, so the most that would happen would probably be maybe softer poos, but i’m sure the dog would need to eat alot of that even for that to happen. Each dog is different though.

I have recommended it to quite alot of people already. I’m sure amazon is wondering why people are needing so much paw wax!

The only negatives are that you have to put it on two or three times a week, it can be licked off, and it is hard to know how much you have on your fingers.

Positives: it smells nice, would probably last a long time depending on how much you used it, it makes your fingers feel nice, it hopefully stops cracks (I haven’t used it that long to know), if the dog licks it it won’t harm them too much, it gets a dog used to getting their paws handled if you have a dog who doesn’t like this, it doesn’t hurt the dog at all, it’s not messy, and it is not too expensive.

I deffinetly think it is a good product. You still have to be careful though as it won’t stop your dog slipping.

Oh and for us humans there are things called
which i wrote about last year.

I hope you find Musher’s Secret as good as what i have found it!