Awesome Service

I have been rather bored at night lately, and decided to ask some of my friends if they wanted to come out for a meal tonight. So I sent out a few texts on Monday or Tuesday, but was disappointed by the amount of people who “had other things on” or who “had no money”. I know that this does happen, but it seemed to be every time I asked that this was happening. To be honest, I was feeling rather down about it. All I wanted was a night out! I was thinking that maybe a meal out all the time was boring, but luckily two of my friends did decide to go, so I was a bit happier.

I was expecting them to not go at the last minute, but they were awesome and did come.

So I booked the table today. I wasn’t sure whether to take Ushi, but decided whilst booking the table that I would. When I mentioned the guide dog, the woman who I booked it with sounded a bit off. So I was kind of expecting trouble.

I booked the taxi for about 7 o’clock.

I was ready in good time as always. I braught along my Guide Dog owner identity card that we were given on class, just in case we were refused or anything. (I always bring it with me if it’s somewhere new we are going).

We were off to
The Countryman Inn

First of all the taxi driver was totally awesome and parked right in front of the door to the place. He even said to me that the bar part was to the left as I went through the door and the restaurant was to the right. So once I stepped out of the car, All I had to do was to take Ushi’s harness, tell her to “Find the door” and we were in. In the doorway she sort of paused, but I just told her straight on, and was imediatly met by a lovely waitress who took me straight to a table. I got Ushi settled, and my friend arrived. The other friend arrived shortly after that.

The waitress then came back and asked if I was okay with the menu, or would I like it read. I asked her if she would mind reading it and she didn’t mind at all. She even went as far as to tell me what came with what dish and what each dish had in it. I thought this was a lovely jesture.

After she had taken our order, she came back and even asked if I would like to have my meal cut up. (I ordered Chicken Googions and chips). I politely declined, but again, a nice jesture.

When our food arrived, my glass and plate was pointed out to me, and the woman put my chips on to my plate so I could find them easier (It was one of those little bowl things that chips often come in). She then asked if Ushi would like some water. I hadn’t braught some with me as I didn’t think she’d need it.

Me and my friends had a good long chat and catch up during our meals.

Ushi got up a few times, but she wasn’t disruptive which was good. She was just looking for a better place to lie down. I had to keep moving her though as she decided to sprawl out and there was like a bar thing which held the table up. Her lead kept getting caught around it. She eventually settled under my seat though was good.

The woman kept coming over to offer Ushi water and make sure we were okay.

The best thing happened though once I had phoned for my taxi. I thanked the woman for her wonderful service, and said that I was a little nervous of bringing Ushi. The woman said that we were welcome any time and that it was her pleasure to help us.

My friends were leaving, so we all went outside to wait for my taxi (Including the waitress)! She even made sure I was in safely and all.

It was a great night, and makes me want to bring Ushi again. I know it was only small things, but I thought that she was so nice, and she didn’t have to do the things that she did at all. I thought it was extremely kind of her. She wasn’t patronising or anything, just acted natural. I even heard someone saying “It’s nice to have a dog in here for once!”.

I love when you get service like that! Thanks once again to my friends, and the staff at the Countryman Inn, and Arrow Taxis who provided the transport. It was much appreciated!

I now have a happy sleeping doggy now :).