Phone Problems

I think a couple of weeks ago I mentioned about how the keys on my
Nokia E51
Were sticking quite a bit.

Well a couple of weeks ago a few keys on my phone stopped working. It was just like they wouldn’t register. I played with it for a week to see if I could get them working again, but they wouldn’t work at all. I took it into my local vodafone shop to discover that the keys were in fact working (I didn’t know at the time which keys were working and which wern’t). So off I went thinking that they were working, only to discover that they weren’t. It was the numbers 5, 6, 8 and 9. That basically snookered me dialling any numbers which had a 5 in them (which was pritty impossible since our area code has a “2 5” in it).

A couple of days later, I took it into a shop which repairs phones (not connected with Vodafone). They thought that it was the “under pad” which the external keypad sits on. They kindly ordered it in for me, and fitted it a few days later. We then discovered that it wasn’t that at all, unfortunately.

I ordered a new battery in case it was my battery, but it still didn’t fix the problem. I thought by this time that it was time for an upgrade.

I went back to Vodafone again. They showed me a Nokia E52 though I didn’t really like the buttons on it. I like good buttons that I can feel no problem. They then let me see an E72, which had a qwerty keyboard. I wasn’t sure about this, but admit that the buttons were quite pronounced. Unfortunately, it didn’t support the TALKS software. They finally suggested that if I could find an E51 again or some other phone, that they would put the talks on it for me as long as it had been on a Vodafone network at some point. They said that they would also reduce my tarriff from £25 for 600 free minutes plus unlimmited texts to any network down to £15 each month. This seems like quite a bargain!

So when I got home I jumped straight on to the email. I emailed my mentor I had for the GCSE Maths and Essential Skills ICT course to ask if he had any phones spare or knew where I could get one. He said that he had a Nokia 62 10 Navigator with TALKS, or an E65 without talks. I opted for this one as he said that this one had better buttons than the navoigator. He posted it yesterday and it arrived this morning. It was like “pass the parcil” unwrapping it though!

The phone is quite slim with good buttons. It is a slide phone. I took it into Vodafone today and it should hopefully be getting Talks on it as we speak. I should have it within a few days!

Thank goodness for emails and great friends! What would I do without them!

I can’t wait to text again!