In To The Wilds

Do you ever just get the urge to write but all your thoughts just come rushing out about a post and you don’t know how to put it in to words? Let’s try and put this in to some sort of perspective. Unfortunately i don’t have pictures, so i shall try and write as descriptively as i can.

growing wild

When i was growing up, we used to take our first dog Lady out for a walk. Even though we lived beside a big green that eventually led to the river, we would go out on many a weekend to what is now known as
The Ecos Centre
Anyway it was a short walk from where we used to live. I was no age at all. We’d all go and take the dog for a walk as a family.

The paths were very narrow and often the grass was up to my shoulders, but then again i was only a wee tote. There is a wooden bridge which we used to say trolls lived under. It was surrounded by farmland and sometimes our walks would have to be cut short due to there being a bull wondering about the paths.

I remember how mum would show me things and i remember her showing me the shell of a conker and i’d scream because i didn’t like the feel of it often frightening roaming rabbits.

One thing that used to really scare me as a child was when scramblers would ride on the paths. I hated the noise of them as they came up towards us and we’d have to stand to the side to let them past. Thankfully that is against the law now to do that.

There is this little stoney part where if it’s dry you can go down to the water. We used to call it the beach.

Nobody ever came to cut the trees or the grass, or fix the paths. It was very much left to the wilds as it were. That is up until about 5 or 6 years ago.

The Ecos Environmental centre, or the Millennium Environmental centre

It must have been in 2000 when the work started to make all that land and space in to something. Thus was born, The ecos centre. This fabulous new building worth a good few million quid which is apparently there to teach children about conserving energy. Ironically enough, the building is not powered by rennewable energy…but by good old fashioned callar gass heating, and electricity. It has solar pannels and a windmill that never works. So it’s a bit hipocritical.

All that aside though, it is still a lovely place. It is home to our local parkrun and a good many birds. It is also home to our local fireworks display at Halloween, but that’s always a bit of a flop as it’s over in like 20 minutes. Plus we can see it from out window, evern though we are at the opposite end of the town now. It was better when our local army barrocks used to hold a display but it isn’t used any more now at all.

The centre did used to be good-it has little tractors and diggers for young kids as well as a park with swings etc. It used to have a zip line but i think it broke.

It’s just a shame that it isn’t powered naturally like it should be.

In a way i miss those wild days and narrow paths but i’m not sure it would work now.