Awwww, How Sweet!

I’m not a christian by the way, but think that this is so sweet. It is even good for people who aren’t christians.

I got this from

“The Ever Lasting Flashlight”
Mrs. Chambers,
a first grade teacher,
was preparing dinner
when all of a sudden,
the power went out.
Fumbling in the dark for a flashlight,
She was dismayed to discover it didn’t work
Searching around the house for candles,
She came up empty handed.
Finally, she resigned to waiting until the
Power was restored
While she waited, the young woman
Uttered words of frustration at the turn
of events
Before going to bed that night,
Renae Chambers prayed.
“God, help me find your light again.”
The next day, the same teacher
Walked into her classroom
To twelve expectant students
She started the class like usual
Mrs. Chambers asked the class to share
something about the storm that scared them
or something else that had scared them
once before, but doesn’t anymore
Little did she know her prayer was
About to be answered
One by one, the children
told about everything
from the previous night’s storm,
to monsters under the bed
and everythin’ in between
Some even talked about their
First time visiting the doctor
While the other children shared their stories
A wee girl sat quietly
, waiting for her turn
She wasn’t impatient,
but there was a spark of eagerness
in her brown eyes
Finally, after what seemed like forever
The teacher called her name
“Sara, sweetheart, it’s your turn.”
The child nodded, her light brown hair flowing
Down her back like a wave
Standing up, she took a deep breath
And began her story.
“The storm made the lights go out, but I wasn’t afraid.”
Before she could continue, a classmate called out, “You weren’t afraid of the dark?”
With no shame whatsoever, Sara shook her head.
“I don’t like it in our basement ‘cause it’s dark.” The boy continued. “Why aren’t you afraid?”
Smiling, Sara was about to reply, when another child spoke up.
“She probably has a flashlight.” A girl named Emily chimed in.
Sara nodded, her smile reaching her eyes by this time.
“Yeah, but it can’t be big enough to make the whole basement not dark anymore.” The boy interjected.
“Oh yes it is.” Sara confirmed confidently. “I have the best flashlight of all. God is my flashlight. He’s always there and He protects me. Whenever I’m scared, I just tell Him and He makes the darkness go away.” With that, Sara sat down.
At the conclusion of Sara’s story, Mrs. Chambers wiped at her eyes. She hadn’t been expecting that at all.
Giving another child permission to start, the teacher walked over to where Sara was sitting and put a hand on her shoulder. She then whispered two words in her left ear.
“Thank you.”
When we need it most and have the most trouble finding it, God shows us His endless love for us in amazing ways. So the next time you lose your way and you’re feeling around in the dark, remember that God is our everlasting flashlight in life. If you ask Him, He’ll shine His light upon the path He has set for you and guide you home again. And sometimes all it takes to find your way back to Him is through the one light that never goes out. The light that comes from the faith of a child.
Author: Lauren E. Rodriguez