Trip To Portrush

Yesterday I decided to take Ushi up to Portrush for the day.

Over the week I wasn’t sure whether I would take her or not as I didn’t know what the heat would be like. I think I mentioned in my last post about how I was allowed to take the train if I had someone with me. It was a good job I asked, as there were no busses running because of the wedding. My sisster and dad said it might be too warm for Ushi, but I didn’t want her just sitting being bored at home. So I did decide to take her.

I walked down to the train station just holding on to dad, as I don’t know the route down there yet. I explained what I would do on the way down, so we both knew what the craic was.

While we were waiting, there was a guy there supervising the work that’s currently going on at our station. He chatted away and was like “what do you call your dog?” and all that jazz. I chatted away and thought he knew what Ushi was for, then he said “what’s that yello thing?”. (I think it was the reflective slieve on her lead maybe). Dad was like oh she’s a guide dog, then the guy was like “Oh she helps someone who is blind?”. Dad was like yeah she’s blind! There was a massive awkward silence after that, then the guy walked away! I don’t think it had even dawned on him that I couldn’t see and that Ushi was a guide dog!

Getting on the train was really straight forward. I kept Ushi’s harness on, and just told Ushi to “find the step”. She did and before I knew it we were on! It seemed just like getting on a bus!

Ushi was a wee star! She just lay happily until we got to Colleraine. (We had to change to get to Portrush).

We walked around Colleraine for a while before heading off to Portrush.

I had to make a trip to the ladies before we got on our next train at Colleraine, so handed Ushi over to dad to hold. (I didn’t know how much room we would have in there). I was a bit nervous leaving her, but she didn’t care at all!

I thought that the train to Portrush would be an older train, as sometimes these trains are still used on this line, but thankfully it was another new one. Again Ushi was grand.

We took Ushi up round the cliffs there, and she started to pull quite alot. I thought this was just because it was a new place, and maybe she wanted to get in the water or something. We then took her round the harbour and just chilled and that.

Around 2 o’clock, we decided to go down onto the beach. We had walked around for quite a while, and just were going to go for a walk around the beach before our train home. I had braught my free running stuff with me, but dad said it probably wouldn’t be a good idea if we still had walking to do, and it might tire her out more. (I didn’t think this would be a bad thing, but anyway).

We first of all got on to quite soft sand. Ushi couldn’t really walk on this as her poor feet kept sinking into it lol. When we got on to the harder sand, I wanted to see what she’d be like on it, and what her reaction would be like to the water. Well she walked on some wet sand, and sort of did a wee bounce over it. (She hates getting her paws wet).

I put Ushi on the long lead to let her see what the water was like and that. Well she zoomed right away from it! I then decided to work her up the beach as it was straight, and my dad was right behind me. (I just kept her harness on throughout, as the beach was quite packed, and there were lots and lots of dogs. I figured it might calm her down a bit if she still had it on. She kept guiding me further and further up the beach away from the water. When I tried to get her over to the sea again, she just would refuse. I then tried to see on dads arm if she would go down, but even as soon as we turned towards the sea (we were quite far from it) her tail went down and she just wasn’t happy.

So we cut the walk short, and just headed home after that. She was much happier when we got off the beach.

So I don’t know what the craic was. Was it a bad idea to keep her in harness? Would she have gone in if we free ran? When we were on the beach she did play with another dog, and pulled that hard that i think she pulled a muscle in my arm lol.

Also unfortunately on the beach she decided to do a busy. I had given her an opportunity just before we got on the beach and she didn’t need to go. I was just walking along when she decided to go. I suppose it was outside so i suppose it could have been worse. She also peed shortly after the beach too on grass with me giving her the busy command. I hope she doesn’t get into the habbit of doing that in harness! Do you think she would after doing it twice? I really hope not!

She was pritty nakard when we headed back to the train. Luckily for her, we didn’t have to change at Colleraine. She slept from we got on til our stop!

She was pritty zonked all night apart from to eat and busy. I’m a little worried about the busy on the beach, but not too worried since it was outside, and we did pick it up after she had done it. It was maybe all the excitement, or else I didn’t let her go long enough earlier.

It was a good day, but i’m a little disappointed she didn’t like the water. I know she doesn’t like rain, but I thought she would have so much fun swimming! I dread to think what she’d be like if we had free ran her.

I’m off to write the post about the collection today. I’m sorry for two posts in one day, but we had no internet yesterday, so that’s why i’m posting now.