Urgent Request For Volunteer Puppywalkers (Fosterers)

I got sent this the other day. I thought i’d put the word out to see if anyone knew anyone or anything. Don’t forget to call if you are able to do this vital work that help guide dogs become the dogs they are today. Maybe that’s cheesy but it’s true. They are the foundations to a great guide dog. Pass it on!

Urgent Request for Volunteer Puppy Walkers (fosterers)
Hi everyone

Happy Halloween and I hope you are all keeping well!

We are urgently needing to recruit new Puppy Walkers for the Belfast,
Bangor, Ards,Holywood, Lisburn, Newtownabbey and Carrickfergus areas and
I was hoping you might consider helping with this request.

If you know of anyone that would be interested please do get them to get
in touch with the Belfast office or email me by return. Also if you are
out and about at events or speaking engagements please do promote this
to the general public. Please see further information below from a
recent press release:

“Puppy Walkers are needed for the full time care and education of the
guide dog pups from six weeks until approximately 12 to 14 months of
age, when they are returned to the charity to begin specialised guide
dog training.

We’re looking for enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers who can care for
the pups full time because at the end of the day, if we don’t have puppy
walkers we don’t have guide dogs.

Puppy walking is challenging and it’s a real commitment to take a puppy
in to your home for a year, but with the support of Guide Dogs staff,
our volunteers find it extremely rewarding and worthwhile.

The young dogs will spend much of their first year of life living with
the puppy walker volunteers in their home; they will teach them basic
obedience and get them used to a home environment, noise and the bustle
of towns. They will prepare the pup for their working life ahead which
includes taking them on public transport including, trains and buses. A
young guide dog puppy is a full time companion for its temporary owners,
who find it so rewarding to raise a dog who will one day give a blind
person a new independence by acting as their eyes.

Guide Dogs supplies basic equipment and covers all veterinary and
feeding expenses. To become a puppy walker, volunteers will need to have
access to a car. They will have to be home for most of the day, and free
to take their puppy into many varied environments – sometimes busy and
difficult. Their yard or garden will also need to be securely fenced so
that the puppy remains safely within its confines.

Many thanks for any help you can offer with this and of course if you
have any questions just let me know

Best wishes

Jolene Boral
Volunteer Development Coordinator
Northern Ireland
Tel: 0845 372 7402

Guide Dogs
Unit 17
18 Heron Road
Belfast BT3 9LE