Who Actually Does This?

It’s amazing just how random the people you meet on your walks with your guide dog. Something happened today that made me just have to write.

I was just happily strolling along, after coming back from my
Quilting project
I am still doing in one of our local coffee shops. Ushi had been quite sniffy, so i don’t know what was up. I managed to get her going and was working well until some randomer came up to me. He asked how i was and said about how well Ushi was working. I said thanks, and he asked me my name. I said and he was like “I’m Harry”. He then offered me his hand. I took it and shook it thinking nothing of it until he took my hand and was like “Here is my face”. I promptly said i didn’t like it and he was all appologetic. We had a quick conversation before he left me to get on with working Ushi. (I had stopped for the conversation, and luckily ushi moved because we were chatting too long).

I’m sorry if any of you do this, but I don’t know any blind person who feels faces. Just the thought of it groses me out. I mean ewww! God knows what you could be feeling! It’s disgusting. I only know of one other blind person who felt my face back in school, but she had other disabilities. But seriously do any blind people do that nowadays? Yuck! It sends shivers up my spine!

After that little er, incident, we carried on our way. A lady crossed me over one of my roads. She just said it was safe to cross. When I got up on the other side she said about how nice it was to see the sun. She then said that Ushi was lovely, and asked if she could pet her. I stopped and dropped my harness and she had a good pet. Ushi had a good sniff of her legs as she informed me that she had two chocolate labs at home. She then said that she had a sausage in her bag, but I told her that Ushi wasn’t allowed it. She said that was fine and said how good Ushi looked and how she had lovely skin and a nice coat. She then asked me why Ushi took so long at the Zebra crossing and i said that i was the one who was in control and that i told her when to cross. We chatted some more, and then went on our way. Before she left me she said “You’ve got lovely white teeth. They are so straight”. I said thanks and that nobody had ever complimented me on my teeth before lol.

Nothing else strange happened.

But why do people have to be so random! We don’t feel faces!