Oh That’s Such A Shame

I was up visiting my uncle again. We went up on Wednesday and came home today. I’ll get to the title of this post in a minute.

I decided to work Ushi to the train station on Wednesday. She worked really well and was good at getting on and off the train. I still have to tell myself not to be nervous getting on and off as that could rub off on Ushi, but i do still feel a bit anxious. Once i am on then i’m grand. It’s just the getting on.

Ushi worked very well until we were getting the bus from the city centre of Belfast up to my uncles. She just started going to the kerb all the time and not following my directions. My sister then guided me and Ushi kept going in front of her. She even said that she wouldn’t want me bringing her next time if she continued. I was pretty annoyed about that. My sister usually is great with Ushi but i guess she was just annoyed. Maybe i shouldn’t work her if i don’t know the route and am getting directions, but Ushi has coped well in the past when i have done that.

When we got to my uncles, Ushi went to spend straight away. So i think that could have been what she needed. She doesn’t normally indicate the gutter as she is reluctant to go on concrete. Unfortunately it was the middle of the city centre so i’m not sure i’d want her going there anyway. I did some obedience with her as i admit i do become a bit slack with it. I think i’m going to have to do it every couple of days now rather than waiting until her work becomes a bit scratchy. Not majorly, but i do notice it.

The last time my uncle had baught Ushi a food bowl but it was too shallow and small for princess Ushi. So this time i thought i’d bring her own just in case. My uncle had kindly baught her a bigger deeper one, and it seemed to do the trick as she ate all her meals in it. So at least i’ll not have to bring her own bowl in future. I never thought a bowl would make such a difference to whether she eats or not. She took herself off to bed at about 20 to 9 that night lol.

I’m pleased to say yesterday was a much better working day. She listened much better to me and wasn’t wanting to go the kerb all the time. She did insist on walking at an angle when she was working, wanting to walk along the right side of the street. Normally she likes the left, but for some reason she wanted to walk along the right.

Unfortunately we got stopped by a woman as we were coming out of Tescos. She told us all about how she loved dogs even though she got bitten as a child. She then went into every detail about how her lip swoll up and how the doctors gave her a Tetinus injection. Then her mum apparently took her to a private doctor and the doctor said that the poison from the dog bite was going up to her left eye. (Can you tell i was deeply interested? Not). I then got told that she had a dog but before it died a cat came to her house and she adopted it. And then all about how she is bothered by her neighbors cats and they sit there until she gives them food.

Next came the worst bit of all though. She said to Ushi “What are you having for your dinner tonight?”. I said she was just having dog food. There was a silence then “Are you only having dog food? Maybe at the weekend you’ll get some chicken.”. (Can you guess where this is going yet?). I explained that ushi could only have her food and the reasons why. (I had to do this at least 3 or 4 times until she got the message). You’d have thought that i had done something cruel to Ushi (which i never would), but she said “Oh. That’s such a shame. Can she not even have a bite?”. (Again the explanation as to why not). It ended up we had to say we had a bus to catch. Technically we did but we could have got it at any time. That was the only way we could get rid of the woman. It also took her ages to grasp that Ushi was a girl. I felt like telling her to look for herself but decided that might have been a little rude.

Nothing more eventful happened. Ushi again ate all her food and went to bed quite early.

I was woken by a little whine this morning at about half 5. She has started looking for her food in the mornings. I used to feed her at half 5 in the evenings, but i was woken far too early so now feed her about 7 o’clock. I managed to get her to go back to bed until half 6, then 7. She must have been hungry lol.

Unfortunately on the way back home our train was delayed for half an hour because of flooding. It ended up that we had to change trains. The conductors kept appologising for the delay.

So Ushi is now asleep. I’m away doing an information tables at Waterstones so that should be good.

So apart from the wierdo at Tescos, it was a good time as always. I love the way ushi is so relaxed at my uncles house. He loves having her too which is fabulous!