Still Hasn’t Sunk In

It’s been three days since i got the word that i would be going on guide dog class in
What is now 23 days!
And it still hasn’t sunk in. It still feels as if i’m just waiting still.

I was thinking the other day that it was approximately 2 years ago when i first
For the guide dog. I have come so far since then. I can still remember the amount of questions I had that first night. I have done so much in these past two years. From the initial application, to the mobility assessment, the
Guide dog assessment,
Guide dog Further Assessment
Spent about a year torturing everyone and worrying about
My Rolling gait,
Which thankfully i have managed to forget about for the most part lol, Have done some
Short Handle Work,
Reflected on
A year from my guide dog assessment,
Did some more
Short Handle work,
In which I gave my rehab worker the wrong direction lol, Worried about going to
The Hotel,
In which we did the pre class training to get us used to the hotel in case we did go for training, spent three days at
That Hotel,
Where I loved it, Tortured practically the whole district team who happened to come up about the gait, tried out the Trekker Breeze GPS system on the Thursday, which i hated, had a brilliant walk with
A Guide Dog called Opal,
Found out she was matched already to someone, Gradually being able to forget about the gait, carried on learning my route to the college and getting it polished off, being on the waiting list for a year, having a
Bad Mobility Day,
In which i got all upset When I said the wrong direction, and burst in to tears as i thought i was just deliberately making mistakes, worried about how that would affect me getting a guide dog, worried i hadn’t enough routes, worried about not being motivated enough to use the cane and wondering how to get more motivated, asked many questions, constantly asked when there was a guide dog class, worried about what kind of guide dog owner i would be, and how i would
With the dog, got loads of great comments and advice concerning it, asked some more questions, waited, waited a bit longer, asked some more questions, waited, got excited about the dog, waited, went on a walk
Last Wednesday
With Ushi, got a phone call on Friday saying that the instructors wanted to use the wider harness, walked with them and Ushi on
Found out that more dogs would be coming over in September, found out on Tuesday that the instructors would be coming out again on Wednesday as they thought that Ushi was a “Potential” match, Went on that matching walk, and found out that I would be going on class on the 30th of August.

So now i am sitting here with a “self declaration medical form” to fill in, and still not believing that i really will be off to class in 23 days approximately. I can’t believe that i have been waiting for approximately 15 months.

Is it normal to be thinking that i am still waiting and not believing that i will be on class on the 30th August? I have got so much to do before then. I am going off on Holiday on Tuesday down to Fermannagh, for three days, and then back again. My rehab worker is going to show me the hotel about a week before class, and I want to get my hair cut/buy new shoes/remember my commands/anything else i can think of really. I bet the time will fly in!

That’s basically my guide dog experience in a nutshell, and that’s not the end of the journey yet! I have a tough road ahead, both for me and Ushi, and hopefully it will all go well. I want to enjoy the class, but i hope that i can focus and remember everything. I’m feeling quietly confident though, since i know all my commands, and have remembered them so far.
There isn’t really much point in this post, i’m just reflecting and anticipating really.

When ever I get more information about Ushi, i will be sure to publish it here. Thanks again to all those people who have sent me congratulations/let me worry/been excited/anything else. Also thanks for everyone over the past two years! I also have to say a huge thank you to our district team, who have just been amazing!!!!

Let’s hope that it will feel real soon!