RNIB Computer Course, Final Day

Well this week was the last of
That Computer Course
That i’ve been on. The other person was back again this week.

We were first going to show the other person how to use
The KNFB Reader
That I had used last week, but the battery was low.

We just talked about general things after that, and the other person on the course was saying about how hard it was to book flights on
And we tried it out. It is better than the last time I went on to it. We were able to navigate around most parts of it.

While we were on the subject of websites, I decided to see how accessible the new
Website was to navigate. I was quite shocked at the amount of information you need to enter!!!!! Well it was actually quite accessible!!!! That was brilliant!!!! At least the advertisement lived up to its promise of being “User Friendly”, or something like that.
We were then shown surfing on
Download Some Songs From Under 60 P
It was pure class. It was all legal too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can listen to a preview of each track too. They also do albums from under £4!!!!!

Since it was our first time using Amazon, we had to download
The Amazon MP3 Downloader
Which automatically copies the music you download from amazon to your library in
Windows Media Player

Next we went over burning a CD for the other persons’ benifit.

Finally we learnt how to use
Microsoft Outlook
I found it easy to use, but when I tried to use it when I was at home, I couldn’t send emails. I got to show the other person how to use
The KNFB Reader
I love that thing!!!!

It was a great three weeks!!!! I don’t know why I had doubts about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would just like to say Thanks.

It’s back to
The Cedar Foundation
On Thursday. Hopefully I can pass on some of the information I got from this course!!

RNIB Computer Course, Day 2

Here’s the second part of
The Computer Course
I told you about. This was for the 19th March.

Well this week it was only me and the tutors, as the other person couldn’t make it.

First, I showed them my
Olympus Dictaphone
Which they had asked me to bring in. They were impressed at how good the design was.

We decided to use the
Olympus Voice Recorder
Which i had looked at last week. This time though, we recorded with it!!!

Next, they let me have a look at
The KNFB Reader
wich is cool!!!!!! I scanned in loads of things with that thing, and couldn’t believe how good the

After this, we just talked, then I looked at
<a href=" of 1 items
Search: Alt+4
“>The Victor Reader Stream
From Humanwear. We were going to use this last week, but we couldn’t get it working, because an
SD Card
had to be used for it to work.

Finally, after lunch, we looked at copying CDS using
Windows Media Player
And a programme called
Record Now!!
which is the best. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on my Laptop!!!!!!!!

I just wish tomorrow wasn’t the last day of this course. I really enjoyed it!!!!

Oh and by the way, i have been asked to possibly teach an I T class with the
i Matter
Group. That’ll be cool!!! I’ll find out more info and post it when i get it.

RNIB Computer Course, Day 1

As I’ve said earlier, I should have posted this on the 12th and 19th March, rather than the 23rd!!!! I’ll just post for the 12th, then i’ll do another entry for the 19th. This course is run by the

Well On the 11th of March, I was contacted by a woman
The Cedar Foundation
I didn’t really want to go, because i didn’t know if it would benifit me, and because i’m not that keen on the organisation. I just thought that i’d give it a shot, at least for the experience. I’m so glad I did!!!!!!!

On the Thursday, the course started at about half 10. While I was waiting for the other tutor to get there, I was introduced to the only other person on the course. He was also from the
Cedar Foundation
Only he was a trainee.

Once the other tutor arrived, we had a chat about general issues, then we got some work done on the computers!!!

We were going to start off with learning how to use
Windows Live Messenger
But we knew how to use that. So we used

We went through how to create an account, and how to add people, call them, and answer calls. The tutors wanted me to basically teach everything, cause they didn’t know as much as me apparently.
I told them that there were
Scripts Available
That would make JAWS work better with Skype. I took them through where to get them, from
And told them to type in “JAWS Scripts For Skype”, and look for the first result after the “Search Results” heading.

There was a bit of a problem installing them though, as we needed adminastrative rights. It’s a good job that we didn’t download them, because when I tried them at home, they weren’t as good as the previous versions. I thought I had installed them in the wrong location, but I hadn’t.

Anyway, since we couldn’t get the scripts installed, we looked at how to download audio described movies, all legally of course.
We went to a website called
Blind Mice

To download
The Movies
They are MP3s, so you just have to click on them and save them just like a normal file. Or you can open them directly. I downloaded
Walk The Line
Just to see what it was like. It was cool!!!

After lunch, we just did stuff on

As well as doing that stuff on the computers, we got to look at a few bits of technology too!!!! First we looked at
The Olympus digital voice recorder DS40
Which has voice navigation. Then it was the
Mile Stone
MP3 player which is also a voice recorder.

It was really good. It feels as if there was more i didn’t mention, but I think cause of this weeks’ activities i’m getting the two confused.

I wish this week wasn’t the last of it!!!! I’ll post the info on the 19th, hopefully before Thursday!!!