Scotland Preparations

Remember when we all

Went to Dublin

Back at the start of July? Well at the end of that entry i think i had mentioned about us going over to Scotland for a day. We would have gone then, but we figured that getting up at 5 o’clock two mornings in a ro wouldn’t be a good idea.

Last week, dad braught up the suggestion again, and we decided to go this Wednesday.

So it’s a 5 o’clock start unfortunately. I’ve decided to only feed Ushi half her food before we go. Dad has booked us a taxi for around a quarter to 6. (Trains don’t run at that time of the morning). It will come and take us all up to the docs at Yorkgate where we will get the 7.30 ferry by


To Stranraer. This will get us in at approximately 10.30.

Once we get off the ferry it’s spending for probably humans and dog, then I will probably feed Ushi the other half of her morning feed. (I want to give her half of it to stop little presents or anything being left on the boat lol). I’ve instructed dad that we are to feed her somewhere relatively quiet, and that I don’t really want to move her for at least half an hour (an hour for a full meal). When I am feeding her i will be putting her on a long lead (our lead has two lengths). I’m hoping she’ll eat! If she doesn’t, i can put it back in the sandwich bags i’ll be bringing, but it probably wouldn’t be fair to only feed her half in the morning until later.

I am going to spend her at least every 2 to 3 hours (we’ll be doing lots of walking). I’ve noticed lately that if we go past a river or something, she will need to spend. (Even if she has had an opportunity beforehand, there is always an evacuation). I have no idea why she does it, and usually I can get her to hold on, or at least get her in to the side. This is the only time she needs to do it. She’ll usually do a tell tale stop, in which she will dig her heels in before she needs to go. I am thankfully with dad so can take her harness off knowing she will go. Anyway…

Our ferry is at half 5. This will get us back to Yorkgate at around half 8. I am planning to feed Ushi her full evening meal, as our train is at half 9 so that gives us a full hour to digest her food. The train won’t get us home until at least 10.30, so it would be at least half 11 if i was to feed her when we got home which I feel would be much too late.

This is just a rough draft of what my plans are. What do you all think? Should i change anything? Is there something i should be doing that i haven’t mentioned?

These plans are more for my benifit really. I want to be organised.

Thanks for any help. I’ll write on Wednesday or Thursday depending on how tired i am. I’ll post it on Wednesdays date though like i do when i am backdating entries.

Thanks again for any help!