Daily Prompt:Autumn Leaves

Given that my blog seems a bit short on readers possibly, i decided to write something on one of the
Daily prompts
That wordpress uses to help when you’ve hit a rut. The post is all about the changes in season.

Personally, i start to dread the longer nights. I do not do well at all with cold. The cold i don’t mind too much, but the ice and snow i really can’t stand. Everything grinds to a halt, and it gets much harder to get out and do things. That in turn has an affect on your mood as if you’re anything like me, you like to keep busy. Thankfully though, when it does get icey, i have a pair of yaktrax which are the best thing since sliced bread, as i would say. You hardly know there is ice at all, unless of course you forget to take them off when you go inside anywhere and you end up sliding all over the show.

Another thing i hate about Winter is the increase in bugs and sicknesses. I am a bit of a germaphobe so get rather worried about catching something.

So what does everyone else think about the changes from summer to winter?.