Shop Til Ya Drop

I took Ushi out to town again today just like I did
Last time
Only this time, we had a little incident….

I was going to free run her today, but thought that might not be such a good idea because of all the fireworks and that, and didn’t want to risk it. There were none going off but still.

I decided to work her since our
Seems to have stopped thank god! So off me and her went, and we would meet dad and sis and little bro at the shop. I had explained to bro that he had to be a bit behind Ushi so as not to distract her. He was cool with that.

The walk went beautifully which was fab.

Our first stop after the shop was to get some chocolate, and sit down and basically kill time. She was grand and lay down. She did sniff a couple of times, but I corrected her. We were going to head into our local shopping centre after this. Ushi started pulling a bit as we were walking, but I thought it was more an excited pull. So i just told her to “steady” and eventually she walked nice and calmly again.

We were walking along nicely. It was slightly more busier than last time, but nothing major. We were just casually walking along, when I felt Ushi pull to the left like she was distracted. I told her to “leave it”, then dad announced that she was er, dropping her load. I didn’t correct her, but just sounded kind of disappointed and embarrassed! It was right outside a shop too, and in the middle of the centre! I was so so so embarrassed. We had to go get house keeping and all as we forgot to bring bags. (she is usually clean). My sister said that it wasn’t a normal colour, and that it was of a watery consistancy. Sorry if that’s too much info lol. So once it was cleaned up (I couldn’t help but appologise), me and my sister took her outside to some concrete out of the way (there was no grass), to see if she would go. She didn’t go at all though.

We decided that we would go home after this as I didn’t want another incident happening. On our way home we found some grass, so I popped her on the longer lead and let her see if she needed to go. There was a bit of a slope down, so I kind of pulled back on the lead as I didn’t really know where I was going and how steep the slope was. She just did a pee though.

I worked her for a bit on the way home, and she seemed grand. I took her out even when we got home just to see if she would do some more, but nothing. So I don’t know what was up with that little incident. It really just felt like a distraction, but it was her going. I don’t think she had gone this morning, but I don’t think it would have been that quick even if she didn’t go, and sometimes she doesn’t go but she is grand. I maybe thought that cause it was a longer walk, but she didn’t go last time. I gave her an opportunity before we went out to go.

Any thoughts on why this might have happened? I feel terrible. Did i give her enough time to go? Should I have taken her off the lead? (I kept her on as we were just about to go out). I’ll probably never know what the problem was, but I will deffinetly bring some bags with me!!!

On another note, I hope all guide dogs are doing okay with the fireworks. Ushi has just slept the intire time they have been going off. I would remind people though just to think of us guide dog owners, even if our doggies aren’t affected.

I would really appreciate some feedback on my little issue though. Still a bit sad really. I will deffinetly look for a spending spot just before we set off again after we are lying down or anything. But typically though there is no grass right in the middle of town!!

I’m taking her for her monthly weigh in tomorrow hopefully. (they recommend for the first 6 months to weigh the dog each month). And plus it has to go on the “guide dog owner report” I have to fill in each month and send to the district team. I will let you know what this week brings (regular instructor is coming out for an aftercare visit).

Thanks for any help though.