Sight Village Sensation!

It’s usually around this time of year, that
The Queen Alexandra College
hosts the “sight village” exhibition. This is an assistive technology event for blind and partially sighted people. It usually takes place in Burmingham, but recently, it has been in London, Dublin and Kork. I’m ever so hopeful that it will come to Northern ireland!!! I just love all that technology lol.

Anyway loads of companies come for the three day event, such as
Freedom Scientific
Who are the makers of JAWS and such,
Who made the Trekker breeze Gps Systim for the visually impaired, and
T and T Consultancy
Who make products like J-tunes, which i think is a program to help blind and partially sighted people use JAWS, but have never used it, so am not sure. These are just a few exhibitors that will be there, but there will be lots more i would say!

It is a free event, and from what i can gather, it is really good.

Over the years, the guys at
T and T consultancy
have done a podcast each day letting people know about all the things they saw and such. It had great chat, as well as presentations and such. This year however, they are doing a live show each day! This will also be a podcast, but they are going to be on
Which is a new internet radio station that has been launched. Well it was launched a couple of months ago i think. It has some really great shows, including
Mad For Trad
Which Digital Darragh
presents. It is full of great iresh music, which is great for filling long boring days!!! Anyway you can check out his blog

Getting side tracked lol. Anyway for those of us who can’t make it to the Sight village exhibition (like me), T and T consultancy along with Mushroom FM are going to do a show each day as i’ve previously said. Here is the article from T and Ts website:

Sight Village Podcast with a Difference!
The Sight Village Sensation!
We have become well-known over the years for producing our Sight Village podcast containing fun and informal chat about the event, product news, interviews with exhibitors, and much much more. Thousands of people download the podcast every year and we are pleased to bring it to you!

This time, we are going one step further! In partnership with the Mushroom FM internet radio station, we will be streaming radio shows about Sight Village all next week starting on Monday 12 July.

Mushroom FM is a high quality internet radio station containing shows produced by broadcasters who are excellent communicators, who love radio and present great music programmes!It enjoys a very high profile on the internet particularly within the “blindness community” and is well-known for the fun, innovative and interactive ways in which the presenters interact with their audience.

Sight Village sensation is going to be a lot of fun and we are really looking forward to bringing to you the sounds of the event live this year! We hope the shows will be very interactive with lots of room for you to participate whether you live in the UK or not!

Features include:

•A special show before Sight Village where hopefully you will tell us what you are looking forward to seeing at the event or seminars you would like to attend;

•A “special guest” each day from key access technology companies who not only will want to tell you about their product range but who will also be keen to take your questions via E-Mail or Twitter live on the air;

•Contributions from listeners and ourselves concerning the highlights of Sight Village 2010!
If you are interested in how internet broadcasting works using accessible technology, you can always drop by the T&T Consultancy Ltd stand, located at zone 4 just as you walk through reception, and experience it for yourself as it happens!

How You Can Get Involved
If you are an exhibitor at Sight Village who would like to encourage people to visit your stand, someone who plans to attend or if you are just interested, there are lots of ways you can get involved to make this a truly interactive experience!

During the programmes, you can send e-mail to:

Throughout the shows, you can use Twitter and send messages to:

If you are interested in taking part in the show which airs on Monday evening about Sight Village, perhaps by Skype or on the phone, you can let us know in advance by writing to:

All shows will be available as podcasts too, so you can download them if you cannot listen live. Hearing the programmes live however will ensure you can get fully involved in the interactive experience!

Live Show Times
In the event that show times should change, you should always check the “What’s On When” page on the Mushroom FM web site for the latest information.

•Monday: 5 PM to 8 PM.
•Tuesday: 3 PM to 5 PM.
•Wednesday: 3 PM to 5 PM.
•Thursday: 2.30 PM to 4 PM.
So come on! Lets make this a fun and interactive virtual experience wherever you are in the world!

I can’t wait to hear it!!!! Although it’ll make me more jealous lol. Each year i always say i should go, but never manage it.

So go on, spill, are any of you guys going to go?

Make me jealous!!!