When Did This Happen?

I was back at the
Cedar Foundation
Today after
Being Off For Three Weeks
And I had to do a resource on how to use
So when I went on the website, and clicked the link to
The latest version, as it was quite an old version on the computer, I discovered at the top of the page, that it said “We recommend that blind and visually impaired people use
Skype 3.8 For Windows
and do not upgrade to 4.0 this time. Accessibility features have not yet been completed in the new release.”

That would explain why the new menus won’t work!!!! I thought that the scripts weren’t that good, but apparently they must be fine!!! Just out of curiosity, when did this appear? That is so cool that they are thinking about accessibility!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t need to even bother with the scripts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Have Skype!

I decided to bite the bullet and get
It’s great!!!! I had a bit of teething trouble at the start, creating my account, but with a bit of experimentation, I got it.

Look forward to talking to you all on it.