Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Over the past couple of months, i’ve been finding it hard to actually get off and to stay asleep. No matter what time i go to bed at, and even if i make myself go to bed at a certain time. I have always woken up at least once a night to check the time, random i know, but i do this at least once a night or sometimes more if i have something on the next day. After i’ve time checked, i usually fall back to sleep pretty quickly.

Anyway i was pottering around on Twitter or something the other night and came across this little app called Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock. So i googled it and typed “Apple vis” after as they usually have reviewed almost any app you can think of. If you look on Apple vis, you can usually tell how accessible an app is, or isn’t, in some cases.

Apple vis didn’t fail, and up popped
This link
As a first result. The link for the app is there too.

When you type in sleep cycle alarm clock in to the app store, there is the option to buy three apps as a bundle:sleep cycle alarm clock, sleep cycle heart rate, and sleep cycle powernap. I only baught the alarm clock which works out at 79P i think as the whole bundle is £2.49. When you open the app, there are 4 tabs. They are Alarm, Statistics, settings and instructions. If you go in to instructions it should explain everything. In the settings tab, you can have your phone wake you up in your lightest sleep phase between 10 and 30 minutes before your alarm goes off. Even when you turn that off, it still makes you feel refreshed. There are other settings such as linking up with the health app on your phone, which i haven’t done. You can set your alarm to make a sound, but if you do this, the volume of your phone remains up even though you’ve stopped the alarm which is a bit annoying. I have mine set on the vibration option just.

To use the app, place your phone on the bed beside you, screen down on the bed. Don’t cover it with anything. I left it running, but locked the screen.

The graphs are very accessible in the statistics tab, and it tells you how many hours you’ve had and what your best and worst night was.

It really does make you feel fresher in the morning, but it is very very hard on the battery. For instance last night, i used it and i had 70 percent, but it woke me up at 5 o’clock to tell me i didn’t have enough battery left and i could oversleep my alarm. Interestingly if you snooze it by shaking the phone, it’ll wake you and change the time of your alarm.

All in all, it is a great little app, but it’s such a shame that you have to have it plugged in to work. Especially if you do not have a plug by your bed which i don’t. Apart from that, it really is a decent app.

So go try out the app for yourself. I just wish it wasn’t so hard on the battery.